Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Shows Multi-Path Gameplay

While actual gameplay of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been a little scarce, we’ve seen a few glimpses of the combat here and there. One of the big selling points of Deus Ex is the option to use several ways of advancing through a mission like going in guns blazing, or sneaking around all stealthy like. In a recently unveiled trailer, the game’s narrative designer Mary DeMarle walks us through the neck-snapping or light-tapping varieties of mission progression in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The game definitely looks very good, and the option of solving missions in either a lethal or non-lethal manner is something that we really haven’t been able to do since the Splinter Cell games of last gen. Apparently this demo is running the Xbox 360 version of the game, but I’m pretty sure I saw prompts for PS3 controls in there. Anyways, what do you guys think of the multi-path gameplay for Deus Ex: Human Revolution? Are you excited for this? Worried about the game being “console-fied”?

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6 thoughts on “Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Shows Multi-Path Gameplay”

  1. I think Ill pick this game up. Im very excited about the multi path system. Scared fo console? Nah, I just worry Ill have the 50-50 split between friends who get it for PC and console

  2. Looks awesome, but nothing special if you’ve played Deus Ex 1 or 2 (in terms of multi-path). And Yes, I am legitimately afraid of the game being consolofied like they did with 2, the port was absolutely atrocious for PC, which was such a shame. I’m really looking forward to this, I feel like the First person to 3rd person shift during “action moments” and cover will take me out of the experience a bit, but none the less, this has been my #1 anticipated game for years.

  3. In fairness Julez, the PS3 and the 360 shouldn’t hold the PC version’s quality back too much. Consoles are nice and powerful nowadays.
    Looking very good btw. I had been worried about the game’s development earlier in the year. Can’t wait fof August (I think)!

  4. @ Skuba. I’m not concerned about quality, I’m concerned about the same problem that almost every “built for console” port to PC has, where the mouse doesn’t respond properly, and you can tell that it was built for analog sticks. The 2nd game had it so bad they had to make a PC patch that took a while to come out and seriously sucked. I’m just hoping for the best because I’ve been waiting so long!

  5. Ah, I get you Julez. Forgive my ignorance, but couldn’t someone mod it even if the patch was bad to add better functionality? Is it even possible? Am I just a naive console gamer? 😛

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