Black Mesa Source Devs Make Light of Japanese Earthquake

black mesa source devs are idiots

I long ago lost my faith in most of humanity so people mocking horrible natural disasters no longer surprises me, but I thought this particular faux pas should be brought to our attention as it concerns Black Mesa Source, the long-time coming Source Engine update for the original Half-Life.

On the game’s official forums, the lead developer posted a comment concerning his thoughts on the Japanese Earthquake, and boy, is it a doozy. The quote is not safe for work, and is plenty offensive aside, so I’m not going to post it here. You have to be a member of the BMS forums to view posts, but Neogaf has all the appropriate links.

Black Mesa Source has been on the radar for quite a while, but the game has reportedly been making real strides towards an actual release and the developers have received a lot of support from Valve themselves. It’s unfortunate that the developers of BMS feel this way, and it will no doubt hurt the game in the long run. If you weren’t disgusted enough, though, members of the forums are backing up the devs, supporting them and their moronic statements.

What do you guys think about this? Sure, it’s one guys opinion, but he’s the public face for a mod that has been the focal point of many articles in official publications for years, not to mention fervent fan support. Should he have kept his mouth shut, and will this affect reception of the game in the long run?

Source – Neogaf

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16 thoughts on “Black Mesa Source Devs Make Light of Japanese Earthquake”

  1. I gave up any hope of Black Mesa or anyone who supports it a long time ago. The forums are basically a handful of people playing defend-the-devs all day including, apparently, agreeing with moronic statements such as the above.

    But at the end of the day, who cares? Whatever he tries to say or do it will be delayed 6 years.

  2. First, I hate the phrase “butthurt”.

    Only 12 years should say it and not any of them that are educated.

    Second, it’s about caring for your fellow man and even if someone doesn’t do something for you, does that mean you should act the same way? Shouldn’t we try to be better than the worst of humanity?

    What a douche. Screw them.

  3. Its rude and overly general but statistics don’t lie.
    These are per person and and poorer nations like Mexico donated more per person. I was living in mexico during the time and they had quite a push for donations. But overall this is a terrible thing to say as the head of a big project like this and I put my faith in valve to at least convey their disappointment in raminator. Do it Gabe, Do it.

  4. People who frequent the forums know that Raminator being an asshat for attention isn’t news, and whenever he goes overboard it means publicity for the mod. All publicity is good publicity. Considering that most people had given up on the mod ever being released and stopped paying attention, the fact that people are paying more attention because Raminator said something really hurtful to get people all riled up just means that what he did worked.

  5. As a speaker of Japanese and someone who takes great interest in their culture, it is such a ridiculous statement to make. There has been a similar post floating around facebook and twitter also which features a bunch of people claiming how Japan deserved all of this because of Pearl Harbor.

    One, do these people remember Hiroshima or Nagasaki? The aftermath of which still continues to this day. Two, no they don’t most of them were not even born then. It was a totally different time, with a different generation. Get over it.

    As I currently live in New Zealand I am very grateful to the Japanese who pitched in extra personal to help out when we had our own terrible quake a few weeks ago.

    These accusations are simply from people confusing idiocy with patriotism.

  6. To be fair, when the Japanese did come down to us in New Zealand, all they did was search one building where it was believed 15 Japanese students were trapped. As soon as it was declared they wouldn’t be alive, the Japanese left back home. What does that show?

    1. I’m with John on this one. Even if 100% of the people didn’t give a crap about New Zealand, I still don’t think it warrants a natural disaster on this scale or justifies wishing it on anyone. Its nuts that people can act callously towards this, no matter who it happened to be that received the brunt of the destruction. I get that there are some feelings of resentment there, but painting the actions of a few with such a broad stroke is a bit disconcerting.

      Also, I know we’ve got a few Japanese readers that come to this site (Snowman7 in particular). I hope you guys are OK.

  7. Let’s not get out of hand letting the actions of a few represent an entire group of people. That is by its very definition racism. 75% of people in Japan could be completely evil (they’re not), that still wouldn’t mean that the other 25% deserve the horror they’re facing. None of us know every single person caught up in the middle of these disasters, so “to be fair” let’s not start running a couple examples of some people from Japan doing something we might find fucked up to justify lessening the horrors happening to many more than only a few.

  8. It’s always easy to not give a shit when it’s not happening to you. Even if you had some sort of hate towards the Japanese, it doesn’t mean that what happened there is “fair” or “just”. Natural disasters are just that; Disasters that we cannot control. You may say “shit happens, I don’t care”, but don’t ever say “they got what they deserved”.

  9. My heart goes out to the people of Japan and my middle finger goes out to Raminator and others who are so insensitive and idiotic as to say Japan deserve it for Pearl Harbour. I’m not American so the PH thing obviously doesn’t ring “patriotism” bells in my head, but us Irish haven’t had a great history with the British. If I can let their lack of help during the famine or their occupation of Ireland go (even though I live in 1 of the 6 counties still under British rule thus making me technically British, but that’s not the point) then these dicks who, as helloauan rightly said “are simply from people confusing idiocy with patriotism,” can fucking think straight about this horrible misfortune befalling the Japanese people.
    Also, jerry jiggler, that figure is terrifying. Some countries really suck, eh?

  10. And for that thing a news? Yeah, it’s a dumb post, but miles away from newsworthy. He is some guy from a mod team who is known for comments like that. So, why report about something like that?

  11. [quote comment=”15798″]And for that thing a news? Yeah, it’s a dumb post, but miles away from newsworthy. He is some guy from a mod team who is known for comments like that. So, why report about something like that?[/quote]

    The Japanese earthquake is news and everything related to it becomes news, especially when someone voices an idiotic opinion.

    This is the Internet, where rage is the fuel that stokes the fire. Won’t you join us?

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