Poll: What Influences Your Game Buying Decisions?

We’ve come a long way in video games in how we determine what games to buy. In the old days, box art was pretty much all you had to go on. Maybe, if you were lucky, your friend took a chance on something and you got to try it at his house first, but until the video game magazines really got going, information was sparse.

Now, nothing could be further from the truth. There is almost too much information out there about video games, so much so that myself and others are really only reading reviews now and not even able to focus on the myriad previews that are posted daily on the Internet. Which leads me to ask: what is the biggest factor in your game buying process? Myself, it’s reviews, but the score matters less than the text. I know what I like, so I can usually figure it out based on a well-written review. What about you?

What influences your decision most?

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6 thoughts on “Poll: What Influences Your Game Buying Decisions?”

  1. I was caught between Friend Recommendation and Demo, but ultimately had to go Demo since I’m buying for PC. Needa see how that baby runs. Serious lack of demos lately, pretty disappointing.

  2. For me it is probably demos, but unfortunately they don’t release a lot of those on PC anymore. So then it is probably friend’s recommendations or just gut feeling.

  3. A mix of friend’s recommendations and MANY online reviews. I need to read several so I know that I’m not just getting one person’s biased opinion, or someone who’s over-emphasizing the negative aspects etc

  4. I used to go for magazine reviews all the time but that was only giving me 1 or 2 sources per game. Now it’s online reviews (followed by demos) doing the influencing. I use a combination of G4, 1up and IGN (and some others) as they tend to have good review text (not IGN so much, but they do give SOME info and pretty good video reviews).

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