Infinity Blade and Breaking Gaming Preconceptions

infinity blade

I’m kind of late to the party on this one but I recently (along with a few other GamerSushi editors) picked up Infinity Blade, Epic Games and Chair Entertainment’s fantasy hack-and-slash title for the iOS. For the uninformed, Infinity Blade is a game that revolves around one family’s quest to kill the God King and avenge the death of the blood lines’ progenitor. The game is played through a series of one-on-one fights between the player’s character and various enemies and has a deep RPG undertone to round out the gameplay.

This is the second hand-held game that I picked up the last couple of days, the first one being Pokemon Black. I had some doubts going into Infinity Blade, and, despite the fact that I’ve played some great iPhone games over the past while, I didn’t think I would find something that would drag me away from the “real” gaming devices. How wrong I was. I put down Pokemon Black to try out Infinity Blade, and I haven’t picked up my DS since. First off, the game is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the design of the enemies, the stages, and the weapons and armor. It has a very “dark fantasy” feel, and it appeals directly to the gamer in me that has been crying out for a bad-ass sword fighting game.

I’m totally floored by how quickly Infinity Blade drew me in, and on a phone of all platforms. I thought that the iPhone wasn’t made for this type of game, but Infinity Blade blew my preconceived notions out of the water. I could ramble on about Infinity Blade forever, but what about you guys? Has any game changed the way you thought about a gaming device, or maybe a different type of input method (like motion controls)? Have you tried Infinity Blade, and what do you think? Want to make fun of me for only realizing just now how great this game is? Go!

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3 thoughts on “Infinity Blade and Breaking Gaming Preconceptions”

  1. I’ve always been a PC guy (right?), but I’ve always complained about how much playing driving sections or racing games sucked with a keyboard. It was only this last year that I bought a Logitech gamepad, basically a PS3 controller (Playstation has always been my favourite). Now I get to shoot with my mouse+keyboard, then jump into a car to do a getaway picking up my controller off my lap. Totally made GTA:IV playable, along with Saints Row 2 and Mafia 1&2. And of course pure driving games like Crazy Taxi 3, Dirt2 and Flatout 1&2. Changed gaming for me!

    I don’t have a smartphone yet, but I can see myself giving a few games a try.

    1. I picked up Infinity Blade last Thursday and I’ve probably poured well over 8-10 hours into the game in just a few days. For the first time, I’ve been draining my iPhone battery like nuts because I can’t stop playing it. Like Mitch said, it’s addicting, fun as hell and looks gorgeous to boot. The funny thing is, it’s basically just a nonstop level grind, but it’s designed so well you hardly even notice.

  2. I’m seriously considering an iPad 2, and if I do, I’m totally picking this up because it looks so amazing.

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