Poll: Which HD Remake Excites You Most?

In case you’ve been holding your fingers in your ears every time we hit the topic on the podcast, you should know that I love Beyond Good and Evil. This past Wednesday the classic (although not commercially successful) title hit XBox Live Arcade, gracing player’s screens with re-done assets and a slick HD resolution.

As someone who’s had a soft spot for this game for years, I can say that it’s an excellent recreation of a game not many got to play the first time around, and so far I’m getting into it just as much as I did back then. The thing is, that’s not the only HD remake we’ve got on the horizon. We’ve discussed this before, but there’s also the Splinter Cell games coming, the Team Ico collection and Halo CE HD.

I thought I’d create a poll to find out which of these HD games you want to play most. Because I’m generous like that. Go!

Which HD remake excites you most?

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6 thoughts on “Poll: Which HD Remake Excites You Most?”

  1. I would definitely say Halo CE, just cause I love that game so much, however Splinter Cell Chaos Theory in HD will be amazing. And I really am excited to finally be able to play Shadow of Colossus and Ico.

  2. The Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection excites me the most. I followed SotC like crazy, and I was really bummed out about not being able to play it, since I only owned a GameCube. Now, however, I own a PS3, and look forward to playing this masterpiece soon.

  3. Halo, only because I am a fantard for that game. Now, Im very worried about it too for the same reason. It can NOT deviate from the original in any way in gameplay or story. if a room was 10×10 in that game with a script that happens at point X, it better be the same way but look 10 times as good. Please, do not change the game. An HD Remake is NOT your time to put your developers trademark into the game. Your footprint should be the beauty you bring to the games looks.

    Now I will say a Splinter Cell and SoTC remake will be breathtaking. I can only imagine what a Splinter Cell game would look like with truly dynamic lighting. And SoTC….well it looked beautiful then, imagine it now 🙂

  4. I’m excited for them all but the team Ico collection is just too alluring. If only for SotC. I’m definitely getting BG&E though.

  5. Going to have to go with Ico/SotC on this one. Beyond Good and Evil excites me just for the fact that I can play it, but the thought of fighting Colossi in HD has the bigger appeal.

    I played the original on the PS2 early last year, and my only consistent thought was “I wish this wasn’t so dang fuzzy”.

  6. I wanted to vote for Team Ico, but since I don’t have a PS3 I went for BG&E HD… assuming it gets released on Steam

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