Battlefield 3 Shakes It Up With The Fault Line Series

When I posted the Battlefield 3 Gameplay teaser last week, I had a pretty decent understanding that a much longer, more involved trailer was going to follow shortly thereafter. The fact of the matter is I’m really digging Battlefield 3, so I apologize for “double dipping”, as it were. That said, I think you’re going to enjoy this trailer (Part 1 of the Fault Line Series) which goes a bit more in-depth with the short snippets we saw last week.

I’d file that under “do want” for sure. Since this is Part 1 of an ongoing series, you can bet that I’ll be posting the remainder as they come. I’m certain that we won’t be disappointed.

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5 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Shakes It Up With The Fault Line Series”

  1. You can double dip as much as you want if it means I don’t have to bother looking for videos on this. I’ll just let you get them for me lol.
    I want to tear it up too.

  2. I was sad when I saw this. They cut out what many who saw the whole schpeal said was some of the coolest parts. Mostly the explosions. They are saying they look unbelievable

  3. If it controls like cod I might just throw up a little. Also needs to build around cooperation which I think it does by the looks of it. I hate just running around in cod, with no team work or thought. Looks great through, but I might save my money for Brink.

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