User Created Missions Will Make You Infamous 2

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As if the excitement for Infamous 2 isn’t palpable enough, Sucker Punch decided to…well…sucker punch us with the news that the sequel to the popular super hero/open world game will have user-made missions, as reported by 1UP. That’s right, you can devise all kinds of crazy ways to put Cole through his paces and piss your friends right off.

The missions can be uploaded online and will actually appear in the game world on the map, though user-created content will be marked by a different color and also display the creator’s username. The levels range from races to puzzles to regular missions where you kill lots and lots of enemies. There appears to be quite a bit of options, including action triggers and enemy placement.

I was already pretty pumped about this, but now I think Infamous 2 might be in my top 5 most anticipated games of 2011. Does something like this interest you? Do you think more open world games should incorporate features like this? Sound off!

Source: 1UP

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2 thoughts on “User Created Missions Will Make You Infamous 2”

  1. Do I get to play as Rikimaru or Ayame? Ohhh wait, nevermind!

    This is really cool, hope some people can build some great missions!

  2. If it’s nice and robust then it ought to be great (LBP on a smaller scale?).
    The main gripe I had with the first inFamous was that getting all areas cleared by completing side missions stopped enemies (or any decent amount of enemies) from respawning. That left me with nothing to do except collecting Blast Shards. Which I got. ALL of them. Once THAT was done then I had to start all over to have anything to do. This ought to let me play with all of my advanced and upgraded powers which were neglected in the end-game of the first game.

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