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At GamerSushi we do our best to scour the Webz for the things that we think you guys would like to talk about. Over the years, we feel like we’ve gathered a decent taste for everyone’s interests (Valve). When we can’t locate anything worthwhile, we try to pull from the issues we ourselves face in the games we play. Typically, this means we select all of the topics and put them up for your perusal.

Tonight, I wanted to try something different. I thought I’d ask what you guys want to talk about. Since we don’t have a forum proper (and plan on keeping things that way), you guys don’t always get to sound off on what you’ve been thinking about from a gaming perspective. Heaven knows that between all of the trailers (such as Skyrim or Dead Island) and new releases over the last few weeks, there’s certainly a lot to discuss.

So, have at it. What have you guys been thinking about in terms of games? Thoughts on the industry or things you’re playing? We’ll see how deep this rabbit hole goes. Go!

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5 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Sound Off!”

  1. I’ve been thinking about PC upgrades and what kind of a system I want to build to handle Skyrim and Battlefield 3.

    Things Im also thinking about are the NGP and its price, plus what it has to offer. We could also talk about the 3DS getting hacked already, within 24 hours actually.

    Mostly I have been thinking about Skyrim and how I am going to be obsessed with playing that game. Its upped system and graphics are going to be nuts. I end up immersing myself in the game and just ‘become’ my character. I cant wait for it this time since its going to feel so much more realistic. With the better combat and character system, I think its going to just feel more realistic.

  2. First off, I want to say a huge, big, major thanks to all you guys for keeping this site running so well. I’m sure I speak for everyone who visits the site when I say you guys do an amazing job. All the stories, polls, games, quizzes, videos and podcasts you guys post (all in your spare time) is a testament to how much you love your games. So I just want to say thanks for letting us be part of it.

    Right now I’ve been getting back into playing Borderlands. In a way its really my first playing it properly because when I first got it, I never played it in co-op. But I was at a friends place the other night and we hooked our computers up and had a blast. Only problem was my old laptop died a few months ago so I lost all my saves for all my games…

    If there was ever an excuse to replay Mass Effect 2… I’m going to try to get all my saves back to where they were, with the same decisions and deaths but with 4 different Shepard’s to sort out, its going to be an effort. Damn university getting in the way.

    Most of my other gaming is on my DS. Finally picked up the Ace Attorney games and I’m loving them. Also playing Pokemon HeartGold, but that will probably get put aside when Black and White comes out. Mitch, as Gamersushi’s resident Pokefan I have to ask, will you be picking up the new version? When will we see the review on the site? 🙂

    I’ve also been looking out for 999 after Eddy raved about it, but I haven’t seen it anywhere. Given that it’s not a Nintendo title or something that is marketed to small children, especially girls, I imagine that it won’t be sold here in Australia. Seriously, I swear it seems like they are the only DS games we get sometimes.

    Hmmm, that oughta do for now. I’ll let someone else take over the typing.

  3. [quote]Most of my other gaming is on my DS. Finally picked up the Ace Attorney games and I’m loving them. Also playing Pokemon HeartGold, but that will probably get put aside when Black and White comes out. Mitch, as Gamersushi’s resident Pokefan I have to ask, will you be picking up the new version? When will we see the review on the site?[/quote]

    I will be getting it, but as to a review…I don’t know if Eddy wants that sort of thing on the site, hahaha.

  4. Thanks for putting this up, Eddy! I actually was thinking that there should be a way to voice what topics we find interesting, and the topic I would have suggested was a discussion about soundtracks, but then you put up the Favorite Soundtracks article, and I let loose a several-page omgasm.

    I’m still in high school, and I’ve been thinking about how to get into the video game industry. My counselor said that I could try out internships and probably go in as an HR guy and then work towards the goal of project manager / game designer. (She also said that that’s a good thing to do if I looked into non-game industry jobs.)
    I’d like to know if you guys know any good tips or strategies for getting into the game industry. In fact, if you guys can report of conventions or other things made for people who want to get into the industry, I’d sincerely appreciate it. As much as reporting on video game news is important, it’s also important to help out everybody who seriously wants to get into the game industry.

    I know you guys put in a lot of effort as it is, and I really appreciate it; you guys are actually my main source for VG news because I don’t trust the mainstream guys (hipster n00b is hipster). lol

  5. I would like to see more discussions around where the industry is and where its headed. Discussions on what us gamersushi’s (we need a term for us. sushi’s?) want to see in music, story, gameplay and other areas that make up games.

    I also agree with Cossack with his how to get into the industry question, I am transferring to DigiPen in the fall and I am sure I am not the only one here who is doing something to get into the industry. I would love to see who on this site is currently perusing a career in the game/movie industry and possibly have some discussions around turning our hobby into a job.

    another thing I wanted to do was start a mod group. Julez has been helping me do the music for a level I am submitting to different colleges, like DigiPen and the Guildhall at SMU, and I enjoyed working on it so much I thought I would try and form a gamersushi mod team of sorts. Weather that means we create a game or just have a fun place to working as a team learning to use the tools and building experience that can translate to a future job is entirely up to what we feel like.

    Besides that I loved the article that was posted a while ago about religion in games and the discussion around it. Love what you guys are doing with the site and I look forward to see where this community goes from here.

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