Skyrim Official Gameplay Trailer Released

I don’t know about you guys but Skyrim has me excited. As some people around here anticipate some of the upcoming titles like Battlefield 3 you may notice some of us even talking about PC upgrades already, 8 months before the titles are set for release. Skyrim now has its official trailer released with in game footage. You can find the video embedded below or check it out at The Elder Scrolls website.

Wow. All I can think about is everything I see in there that has been talked about by the developers. From the stunning new graphics and world to the death moves and dynamic new gameplay. The trailer shows off enough for me to already be impressed with the look and feel of the game.

So after seeing the official trailer for the game, are any of you more stoked about Skyrim? With a taste of the gameplay are you planning on console or PC?

Source – The Elder Scrolls Official Site

6 thoughts on “Skyrim Official Gameplay Trailer Released”

  1. Color me impressed! I’m really digging the “Norse” vibe I’m getting from the environments.

    The shot of the protagonist stalking an elk in an autumnal forest looked really amazing, with the light coming through the trees.

  2. Wow, the animations in that are simply awful. I mean the OLD meaning of awful. That is to say: AWESOME! It really seems to add to the immersion of the world, things like the way the bow is bent and drawn (make from the shaft; King Lear line 137 – I actually learned something in English Lit!) or the killing animations. Seriously cannot wait for this game.
    I’ll get this for the PS3. I’m sure it will be a good port. Bethesda have had enough practice. And time.

  3. I was never able to finish the main quest in Morrowind, and never in Oblivion, but I played them for hours. I’m sure the same thing will happen with this one but I’ll try my best.

  4. Saw this earlier today, and I cannot be more excited. The revised Elder Scrolls theme gave me chills, and the gameplay looks better than ever. November is going to break me.

  5. The music has got me so nostalgic, aside from the short nature of morrowinds soundtrack, I just love the music for the elderscrolls’ games. At first I did not like the norse vibe, because I thought it would be too similar to oblivion, but the trailer has definitely got it right. Still, I was hoping that the akaviri would make an appearance since one of the races was supposed to be dragon/tiger thing, hybrids, or trying to become dragons. Everything just looks so much more epic, the chanting voices in the music, the spells and their effects, the combat. Everything is shaping up well, too bad I am a sucker for political intrigue style storylines, and fighting dragons seems to go along the epic style of oblivions story. At least give me back the many factions, and diversity of morrowind. I want those rivalries back, made each playthrough all that more unique.

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