Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Looks Oh So Good

Without a doubt, 2011 is going to be a crazy year. If you’ve been hanging around this site long enough, you’ll know that we hit on certain beats over and over again, so the over-the-top gaming goodness of this year is something you’ll hear us bring up a few more times. Speaking of over-the-top, a new trailer for Battlefield 3 dropped today featuring some in game footage, and needless to say, it did a Strike at Karkand…in my pants. This is not pre-rendered, folks, this is all running on the Frostbite 2 engine (on a crazy rig, probably) and it’s amazing.

It really sucks that I’m going to have to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 to play this (I’ve been running XP since it came out), but it just might be worth it. I’ve already put down my hard-earned monies on the pre-order to get the Back to Karkand expansion for free. What about you guys? Down for some Battlefield 3? What system are you getting it on?

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8 thoughts on “Battlefield 3 Gameplay Trailer Looks Oh So Good”

  1. I was hoping for multiplayer footage. Unless multiplayer is THAT awesome! Which, sadly, I doubt.
    If it’s anything like BFBC2’s campaign I will be very disappoint. MoH’s? I could forgive a short length for something that much fun.

    Anyway, I’ll get it for PC… If I could afford a rig that powerful. Since I’ll be at University (exam results pending) an Uber rig is not on the tables. PS3 it is. But if I win the lottery…

  2. [quote comment=”15631″]If you don’t get it for PC you have undoubtedly made the wrong choice.[/quote]

    I wish I could give this comment +100 thumbs-up.

    I’m not a PC fanboy by any means, but Battlefield is just made for the PC.

  3. I might get it for both, I know that some of my friends want to play it and don’t have the rigs to do it on PC, but I really want to play it on the platform it belongs. Oh and that footage looks amazing.

  4. @ Mitch – Did you get a chance to read the latest game informer article on the game? The trailer almost doesnt cover enough of what they do in the magazine. You get to learn the story BEHIND the trailer and it makes it so the trailer only leaves you drooling to see more. I heavily suggest reading the article if you havent.

    I never played BF2 or any of the offspins that came about after but I can tell you this. I WILL be getting this game.

    Like Eddy I am upgrading my PC, but not till later in the year. With Skyrim AND BF3 coming out, I pretty much need a new gaming rig to enjoy these titles to their full.

    [quote comment=”15631″]If you don’t get it for PC you have undoubtedly made the wrong choice.[/quote]

    The thing I have to say to this is that its not 100% true. In the sense that you will miss out on some things, yes. You miss out on the graphics boost and then the 64 player matches. They said they are trying not to completely handicap the consol versions. I do think, however, that it will be much more visually appealing on the PC. If your rig can handle it, I say take the PC over xbox.

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