The GamerSushi Show, Ep 19: Axed

We have to be setting some kind of record for ourselves now with multiple weeks of podcasting in a row. Why someone hasn’t given us an achievement or a multiplier score for these consecutive releases is still a puzzle to me, but that’s another strike against life in the ongoing debate of life vs. video games. You hear that, life? Get your act together.

Episode 19 of the podcast is yet another one without our kindly old Web master Jeff James, and I think the podcast shines because of it. OK, not really, that was kind of mean. Anyway, this podcast had a number of technical issues which I doubt you’ll notice thanks to Nick’s editing, but it’s just another symptom of trying to do a podcast with people that live all over the continental U.S. and beyond.

While there wasn’t much actual news for us to dive into, we still covered a healthy array of topics, including video game soundtracks, Dead Space 2’s hardcore mode, Mass Effect 3’s new composer, Magicka and more. Nick also drops in with a game of Either/Or that produces some humorous conversation. Go Beard!

Anyway, check out the podcast. Listen. Rate. Enjoy. We all know how this goes.

This week’s epic topics:

Two Dead Spaces, One Eddy
Video Game Soundtracks
Mass Effect 3’s New Composer
Halo CE: Twin Snakes
Fall Game Calendars
Diablo III and 2011 Delays

More Disappointing: Guitar Hero 5 or Gaming Media Coverage?
Sadder: Activision Focusing on Call of Duty or Blizzard Delaying Diablo III?
Bigger Fail: Kevin Butler Tweeting PS3 Security Key or Dr. Lieberman Asserting Bulletstorm Causes Rape?
More Exciting HD Remake: Halo CE or Beyond Good and Evil?

The Big Question: What would you pick out of all of these either/or questions? What game’s delay would upset you most this year? Go!

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4 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 19: Axed”

  1. A shot at Manitoba… that was directed at me wasn’t it =). The real “Florida” is the East Coast, you can’t win at life as a fisherman. Also, drinking age is 18 here and in Quebec too.

    Aronofsky is awesome.

    Great cast guys.

  2. You can legally buy beer and other alcoholic drinks with 16 years here in germany. And if your perents permit it you can even drink legally when you’re under 16.

  3. Great cast guys. Hopefully we can get all 5 of you back soon!

    I can’t believe the news of Activision focusing more CoD. I swear that series is going to die after the next installment. It can’t go forever.

  4. PLEASE do an Eddy reaction video! Stuff like that sounds hilarious. Maybe you could use that as a test run for future videos of you guys doing…uh…things? I dunno what word I’m thinking of.
    On the point of Activision focusing MORE on COD I can’t really add anything to what hasn’t already been said. At best, it’s a short term gain (assuming the next iteration sells well).

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