Rumor: Bungie’s Next Game is “Destiny”, a Sci-Fi MMO

Bungie Destiny

The rumor mill gets cranking once again about Bungie’s next game, which is certainly shaping up as very “MMO-like”. After Bungie writer Joseph Staten made a few cryptic comments about the nature of Bungie’s upcoming title at GDC Online, Kotaku comes along with an anonymous source who alleges that the Halo-creating studio is cooking up a sci-fi MMO for Activision codenamed “Destiny” or “Tiger”.

The unnamed ex-employee, who claims to have been laid off from Bungie at the behest of Activision along with 30 other workers (an allegation which Bungie quickly debunked), said that “Destiny” will be “WoW in space”, and will have “unique online connectivity and matchmaking technology”. This game is apparently a whole different type of enchilada as it runs on a new engine and doesn’t appear to be linked to previous Bungie intellectual properties in any way.

Seeing how all the rumors are stacking up, and given that Bungie protested just the layoff claim and not the MMO, it seems to me that the signs are pointing very specifically in one direction. What do you guys think about this whole to-do? Is Bungie actually working on a sci-fi MMO, or is this just some random troll out blowing smoke? What do you think Bungie’s next game is? Go!

Source – Kotaku,

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2 thoughts on “Rumor: Bungie’s Next Game is “Destiny”, a Sci-Fi MMO”

  1. I’m not sure on the whole issue, but I sure hope they hold off and wait until E3 to reveal it. Mostly because I’ll be there lol, and that would be a check mark on my to do list in life, seeing Bungie’s successor to Halo revealed live and in person.

  2. Hmn, sounds about right. If Bungie wanted to make an MMO then they would have to;
    a) go to someone with enough $$$s to fund them;
    b) go to the competitors of a company whose rival is also making a sci-fi MMO (thus keeping Activision top-dog rather than letting EA get their foot further into the MMO space) and;
    c) go to someone with the willingness to let them make the game.
    We know Activision likes money. We know successful subscription-based MMOs print money. There was meant to be a Halo MMO running around in development for a while too. If I remember correctly, Microsoft canned it. Why? I can’t remember, but Activision sure as hell would be glad to see another successful money printing machine under their control. It also explains why they would be doing a 10 year deal with Activision.
    Now, I don’t exactly know how long it takes to develop an MMO, but for the sake of my point, let’s say it’s 4-5 years. That gives Bungie another 5-6 years supporting the game filling up that time nicely. If Bungie do move on afterwards, Activision continue supporting the game. Or else churn out a sequel every year. Or spin offs. Or make a big franchise out of it or whatever Bobby Kottick thinks will generate more money than Borderlands has weapons.
    Bungie also have a respected name for themselves so marketing is easy: “From the guys who made Halo.” That gets a lot of gamers’ attention as well as non-hardcore or non-gamers’ attention too since they’ll look at it and say “oh, Halo’s is/is meant to be fun. I’ll try this see what everyone’s talking about.” Halo is a cultural phenomenon. WoW has received people from all walks of life. Theoretically, it’s a recipe for success.
    In other words: I think the rumours are true.

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