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If you haven’t heard, the Smithsonian American Art Museum is running a special exhibition next year, one that is relevant to our interests here at GamerSushi. The exhibition is called The Art of Video Games, and it will run March 16, 2012 through September 30, 2012. The idea behind the exhibit is that it will take people through 40 years of gaming and all of its wonderful evolutions throughout.

In order to narrow down the pool of the many games that the exhibition could showcase, the museum’s web site has a place for you to vote on the Art of Video Games. It’s divided into 5 separate eras that span the Atari up until the current generation. If you want to be a part of this awesome exhibition, head on over and vote. While the site is slow at the moment, if you’re patient you’ll eventually be able to do your thing.

As much as the “are games art” discussion is tired, I think this is incredible. Obviously, I don’t need something like this to validate a hobby of mine, I’m just excited to see a feature on video games at the Smithsonian of all places. Part of me wants to organize a vacation to Washington, D.C. just to see this next year.

Who else is excited about this? What games are you voting for? Go!

Source – Smithsonian American Art Museum

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4 thoughts on “Vote for the Art of Video Games Exhibit at the Smithsonian”

  1. I would vote except for having to create an account with them.
    could you post some of the entries so I can get an idea what they are biasing towards and a general idea of the exhibition.

    I don’t know if all of you will agree with me but as far as a game that needs an honorable mention because of impact on my life, metal slug needs to be in there. With all the money I dropped into the machine at my local taco shop, I could probably of bought a car. Which is something I need, but am strapped for cash at the moment.

  2. [quote comment=”15554″]I would vote except for having to create an account with them.[/quote]

    All you need to do is pop an in email…I used the one I always use for random accounts and whatever.

    I made sure to vote for Paper Mario, all in all it was nice to slowly watch the advancement of graphics while picking what games you liked the most, not what looks the best (you know you did)

    1. Yeah the registration process is fairly painless. Literally just give them your e-mail and they assign you a password.

      I wish the voting was a little bit different. There are a couple of places where they put 2-3 games together that I felt all deserved to be in, but you could only vote for one of them. Chrono Trigger and Link to the Past, for instance, as well as Mega Man 2 and Super Mario Bros 3. Also, Mass Effect 2 and Limbo.

      Did anybody notice that Grand Theft Auto 3 was curiously absent? Either that or I just missed it.

  3. I’m the same in that I don’t feel the need for validation but this IS very cool. Also it would be interesting to see games presented in this way.

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