Get Defiant With Halo: Reach’s New Map Pack

It looks like we’re not done with Halo: Reach yet, as 343 Industries just dropped a trailer for the new multiplayer map pack, dubbed the “Defiant Map Pack”. Just like the Noble Map Pack, Defiant features three brand new multiplayer arenas, one specifically built for the Firefight gameplay mode, making this the first ever Firefight DLC. If you thought the Noble pack had some good looking maps, prepare to be amazed as one of the arenas features a Covenant carrier actually glassing the background as you play.

There’s no firm release date for Defiant yet, but the trailer does specify March 2011 as the intended target. What do you guys think of the new maps? Any thoughts on this announcement coming from 343 Industries and not Bungie?

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2 thoughts on “Get Defiant With Halo: Reach’s New Map Pack”

  1. This is exactly why I wish Reach had come out at a different time. It hit right before Black Ops and honestly I feel like Im not done with Reach. Its gameplay is so good and the game itself is super fun. I was trucking away at that game as my mainstay in gaming until the new COD came out. Honestly while COD was a fun game to play and still is, Reach deserves a lot more of my time. I may try and get back into the swing of that game. Shame good games of different series come out so close together. I prefer to stick with games for the long run rather than switching between the two.

    1. Yeah, these maps look like the kind of maps I’ve been wanting from Reach. The mp is fantastic, but man these have been the worst maps ever released in a Halo game. Sean, we’ve actually been getting back into Halo Reach a little bit lately. That’s what I love about Halo. You can pop it in once every 6 weeks or so and have a blast for a few days and then move on.

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