Bulletstorm Does Another Spoof With Duty Calls

bulletstorm duty calls spoof

Bulletstorm, the demo of which we talked about on our latest episode of The GamerSushi Show, has been taking the piss out of the most popular first person shooters of our day. While the PR team at EA previously took a swipe at Halo 3’s excellent Diorama commercial, this time Call of Duty is on the chopping block with Duty Calls, a cutting look at the tropes Call of Duty employs on a regular basis. What sort of tropes you ask? Let the following list tell you, then check out a video after the jump:

Duty Vision slows down the action so you can unload a storm of bullets
Immersive dialogue from the front lines
Cold, calculated realism
Killing animations motion captured from real actors
True-life reloading system allows for mistakes in putting the cartridge in the gun
Iconic sound effects
Thwart an enemy threat that could topple the country and possibly the world
Significant and historically accurate props

Oh. The first letter of each item spells out “dicktits”. Well, that’s just great.

Now that Bulletstorm has officially made fun of every competitor’s successful FPS franchise, I’m thinking that the game proper needs to hit it out of the park. It’s easy enough to make fun of CoD and Halo, but if you don’t deliver, you’ll be laughed out of the next E3. What do you guys think?

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3 thoughts on “Bulletstorm Does Another Spoof With Duty Calls”

  1. I just played this and it was hilarious.
    “I am a enemy.”
    Sergent Of the Master Sergent’s Most Important Person of Extreme Sergent’s To The Max!!!
    I find this so funny because this is how most 1st person shooters treat you and they feel like they have to hold the gamers hand all the way through.

  2. Haha, making fun of CoD and Halo is fine, but don’t pick on Fallout3, easily a remarkable game that did enough new (when it had to) and hasn’t been copied (as far as I know) so far.

    Even though I’m Canadian, taking a shot at American troops with the thumbs up flags/fireworks isn’t cool. Soldiers might be used a lot in video games, but that doesn’t mean they’re fair game to be poked fun at when you’re still making a game about shooting bad guys.

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