The Outstanding Gaming Mysteries of 2011

Half Life 2 Episode 3

Let’s face it. We already know a whole lot of what to expect about 2011. We already know that we’re getting two badass new handheld systems in the 3DS and NGP. We also know that we could potentially have a Game of the Year contender by April when Portal 2 comes out, and that Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 will be easy contenders on their release dates as well.

But there are still a handful of things that we don’t know. Mysteries, as it were. GamesRadar was kind enough to put together a list of the 12 biggest gaming mysteries that they hope to see answers for in 2011. These mysteries include but aren’t limited to: Tali’s face, the release of HL2 Episode 3 and a window for the next generation consoles.

There’s a bit more to it than those few I named, so I’d recommend checking it out yourself. Personally, the biggest thing I want to know in 2011 is the console question. I love the stride that this generation has hit on all fronts, and hope to see it continue for quite some time. I don’t want the will-they-or-won’t-they question hanging over us for several more years. I just want someone to say the consoles won’t come until 2015 and then we can all move on and enjoy our games.

So what about you guys? What are your biggest gaming questions for 2011, both in terms of untold stories in games or the industry at large? Go!

Source – GamesRadar

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2 thoughts on “The Outstanding Gaming Mysteries of 2011”

  1. Here are six questions, half of which revolve around sequels.
    1. What DO Quarians look like anyway? Tell me Bioware!
    2. Where is Mirror’s Edge 2?
    3. What the hell is Respawn working on?
    4. Can GT5’s UI be completely overhauled please?
    5. Any news on a Borderlands sequel?
    6. I can haz Gitaroo Man 2?
    I don’t expect an answer I’d like to number six, but ah well. Here’s hoping.

  2. I like the one about LA NOIR. WIll that really be something thats possible?

    I am with you. I hope we get told consoles are NOT in production or getting close to it. Its too soon. With 3D on the rise and glassesless basically a few years away from pushing the glasses out, I wan to see consoles wait it out. Graphics are already awesome, the next step is 3D. So heres hoping to no announcements yet.

    Skuba brings up a good one with Mirrors Edge 2. That whole style of game could be improved and be even more bad ass.

    I also want to see what will happen in terms of gaming Media (I.e. discs or downloadable content)
    Part of me wants to see everything go blu-ray which would allow for more to go on discs. But at the same time Im envious of how STEAM works with its log in and everything you own can be played. Id love to see xbox go that rout (without having to have a disc in the tray). As long as my account is up, I should be able to play a game. I want to know if we will stick with the disc or start a sort of hybrid methodology.

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