GamerSushi Poll: Sony’s NGP vs Nintendo’s 3DS

In a huge move last night, Sony announced the Next Generation Portable (nee NGP or PSP2) and hot damn, does it look impressive. It has two analog sticks, a touch-sensitive OLED screen, two touch pads on the back of the device, and it can render PlayStation 3 games in real time (like Metal Gear Solid 4’s cutscenes running at a steady 20 frames per second). It also ditches the clunky old UMD format and adopts a sexy new flash-based card which allows developers to pack more punch in their games.

Additionally, Sony confirmed that a long list of studios have already queued up to produce games for the NGP. They also revealed that some big name franchises will make an apperance on the portable such as Uncharted, Killzone and Metal Gear Solid, to name a few.

Sony came out in a big way last night, and it looks like they’re attempting to break the portable gaming market by shoving everything they can into their device. While price hasn’t been confirmed, speculation points to it being more than the 3DS. Since Sony is going all out with this device, how is Nintendo’s 3DS going to fare? As we’re so considerate, we made a poll for you guys to vote on. So, go ahead: which platform are you rooting for: Sony’s NGP or Nintendo’s 3DS?

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10 thoughts on “GamerSushi Poll: Sony’s NGP vs Nintendo’s 3DS”

  1. Raw power is nice, but more interesting things can be done with the 3DS, hence that’s where I’ll be investing my time and money.

  2. [quote comment=”15378″]Raw power is nice, but more interesting things can be done with the 3DS, hence that’s where I’ll be investing my time and money.[/quote]

    A week ago, I would have agreed.

    But with the touch pad, the touch screen, the gyroscope, acceleromter and the dual sticks…I think the NGP has massive potential.

  3. Yeah, you’ll have to pay a little more, just the way it’s always been. But they’ve also always been worth the wait, and worth the investment. They just continue to surprise. Just like Valve, the best only need time!

  4. I think the whole 3D thing is going to get old after a while. Sure you can do “interesting things” with the 3DS, but there are limitations. Sony has put so much into this new device, they might even come out with some sort of 3D effect for it (I can do 3D on my laptop, I just have to wear the red/blue glasses). The big question for me is, how much will the NGP cost? I think it’s telling that they didn’t announce the price, they are trying to get the hype going before they tell everyone how expensive it will be. Don’t forget the launch price for the PS3.

  5. I guess I feel like I was slightly right. Granted the 3Ds is cool. But honestly….Uncharted 3 in a portable version….touch screen. What a PSP can do verses a DS. Choice is clear. NGP is going to be huge if they can pull of the pricing right.

    Was just about to write an article on this but saw it here 😛
    Surprised the votes are so close. I think once its said and done though. the NGP will be right there with the 3DS or more

  6. Wow. Didn’t expect to find myself back in the Sony portable camp at any point after my 5-day stint as a PSP owner, but the NGP is looking pretty damn impressive, especially when combined with the way Sony has gotten their act together on the PS3 of late. That said, I still think the 3DS will move more units, at least initially – unless Sony can somehow match the price point.

  7. I will be rooting for the NGP , but I still think that the 3DS will sell more because they are Nintendo and its the DS. On a side note does anyone else think that the NGP is a really stupid name? I hope it is just a place holder for the real name because it makes kinect look good.

  8. @Gadfly Jim: Don’t worry, NGP is definitely a place-holder name. Hopefully it’s real name is a step up as opposed to backwards (*cough* Kinect *cough*).

    The voting is kind of neck and neck, but the Nintendo 3DS is still coming out ahead. With all the widgets and whoozits crammed into the NGP, I wonder if the price point is going to be prohibitive as we saw with the PS3 back in ’06.

    If people are complaining that $250.00 is too much for a handheld, how are we going to react if the NGP is say, $400.00? Sounds crazy, but this thing has more gizmos in it than Inspector Gadget.

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