LA Noire Gets a Gritty Trailer and an Equally Gritty Release Date

For a game that was stuck in development hell for years, Team Bondi’s upcoming 1940’s crime thriller LA Noire has certainly shot out of the gate in the past few months, stunning us with its detailed character animation and the technology that powers it. Despite the fact that it’s been flitting on and off the radar screen for a while, we now have a hard target set for the release date: May 17 (May 20 in Europe), to be exact. To celebrate, LA Noire publisher Rockstar has posted an all-new in-engine trailer for us to drool over:

Like Red Dead Redemption, I’m kind of going into this game blind, but that payed off for RDR as it was my favorite game of last year. I have no idea what the gameplay is like, who the characters are or what the plot is besides the fact that you’re tracking a serial killer, but since I’m an information sponge I might end up enjoying it more not knowing ever facet of the game. Anyone else got this on their must-buy list?

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2 thoughts on “LA Noire Gets a Gritty Trailer and an Equally Gritty Release Date”

  1. Thanks for telling us the Euro release, most sites forget we even exist.
    This game has been on and off my radar over the years but since Heavy Rain came out I’m feeling more confident with games that aren’t CONSTANT ACTION SO YOU DON’T GET BORED, or interactive story if you prefer.

  2. I’m really curious about this one. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. Hoping for a PC release, but I’ll probably settle for the PS3 version this time around if it comes to that…

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