Sony Claims PSP2 as Powerful as PS3

PSP2 ConceptWith all the hype about Nintendo’s new 3DS – due out on the market March 27th  (Feb 26 for those in the land of the rising sun) – it would be hard to look at any other handheld consoles, especially with Nintendo’s success.  But recently an article appeared in MCV Magazine quoting Sony as saying that their new handheld, the PSP2, is “as powerful as the PlayStation 3”.

With the world of 3D gaming barely breaking upon us and the thoughts of the next generation consoles far in the future, a portable gaming system with the power of a console may be a big deal. While many eagerly await the 3DS and its glasses-less 3D style of gaming, Sony is apparently taking a different approach: power.  While the PSP hasn’t been a very strong competitor in the handheld market and with other devices such as the iPhone bursting into the scene, the PSP2 may be a serious competitor.

As a PlayStation 3 owner, I know what the system is capable of and this could be a huge move for Sony. If I can get the same quality as my PS3 on a handheld, it could change how and where I play games. So what do you guys think? Are you going to pick up a PSP2 if it runs with the power of a PS3? Or will you stick to your ways and maybe go the route of the iPhone or Nintendo’s 3DS? What are your thoughts on this news?

Source – MCV

5 thoughts on “Sony Claims PSP2 as Powerful as PS3”

  1. This is the same mistake the PSP made.

    With handheld games, people don’t want power. They want those niche games you don’t find on consoles. Remember Locoroco and Patapon? Those were the titles that finally got the PSP some attention.

    Nintendo had success with Nintendogs, Brain Age and other games that you would never find on consoles. There was nothing on PSP that I could not play on my PS2. Sony didn’t learn from their mistake.

  2. I heard it’s half as powerful. But if this is quoted by Sony…
    I’ll invert Anthony’s point here: I WANT BIG GAMES EVERYWHERE!
    The Syphon Filter games were my fave on the PSP and they were, in essence, scaled down console games. I do still like the other, more unique games as well as Minis. In addition to this, most of the games I play on my PSP are PS1 games so the idea that I can enjoy both types of these games make me very happy. That is until I hear the price though.

  3. let me just say this. If Uncharted 3 comes with a copy for the PSP2 inside that does not compromise gameplay or graphics for console size, I am sold. If I can continue to play Elder scrolls 5 when I am at my grandparents without dragging my PC or PS3 awesome.

  4. I’m with Gadfly Jim. If Sony makes the PSP2 the extension of PS3 it would be awesome. You should be able the purchase a game and attach it to your PSN account. That same game would be playable on the PS3 and PSP2 as well.

    For me, mini games and games like Anthony mentioned should be played on handheld consoles not on the PS3 and Sony should not forget that. I was never a big fan of flash games or playing angry birds on the pc/mac but I enjoy them on a train or in a waiting room.

    As for the 3DS, that system will always sell as long as they slam a Zelda, Mario or Kirby game on it. The big technological feature of the original DS was the lower screen where you could interact and gave the developers wings to be creative. Now this new 3DS has nothing remarkable about it besides 3D and the excellente library of games. I would be more satisfied if the 3DS was as powerful as Sony claims the PSP2 to be and leave the 3D ideia to the home systems instead.

  5. Nice to see another post from Sean.

    I’m kind of confused by this, because if it is infact as powerful as the PS3 in terms of processing and graphics, then it would have to be more expensive, since it’s all the tech in a smaller package. And even if it IS that powerful, I don’t know anyone who would want to spend $700 on a portable system. I mean, there’s certainly a market for that (spoiled brats and tech dudes), but really?

    I want my big games on my big systems and my little games on my little systems. I’m not interested in seeing MLB10 graphics in my hands… It’s pretty for a while, but then you get used to it and realize how much money you spent on a little handheld gadget.

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