Gran Turismo 5 Video Proves Real Life has too Many Jaggies

Gran Turismo 5 is out, and from all reports it’s amazing. I am dying to get my hands on it once it comes down just a bit in price, but until then, I’m forced to read about people being addicted to it (like Anthony and Nick) or watch awesome videos about it.

Take this official Sony video, for instance, which compares a run of the Nurburgring track in Gran Turismo 5 versus a real life run of the same track. Conclusion: real life needs better anti-aliasing.

Has anyone else played this that wants to taunt me with how awesome it is and how miserable my life is for not doing so yet?

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5 thoughts on “Gran Turismo 5 Video Proves Real Life has too Many Jaggies”

  1. Yes the Nurburgring is very well done as you can see in this video. This is actually how it looks like in-game. I got this as a x-mas present and me and my dad have been playing it since. It’s kinda cool that he wants to play with me but then again who wouldn’t want to play GT5 anyway? I have been playing online too and I was waiting for you guys to post something related to GT5 since you haven’t reviewed it yet. This game is perfect for you to play with us, gamersushi readers. What do you think? Gamersushi Grand Prix 2011.

  2. PPP I’m all for that! You guys can thrash me at it while I’m still stuck in some cheap hunk of junk getting lapped lol.

  3. I played Gran Turismo 5 at my cousins’ house, and it honestly wasn’t as amazing as everything says. Yes, it has nice graphics (supposedly; I mean at the end of the day, all I’m looking at is the track and it’s just a flunking track, and the cars looks shiny but not beautiful; I will say that it ran smoothly, which is nice), but it’s just a racing simulator. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s bloody boring compared to Mario Kart. So yes, I might be a little kid, but it’s undeniable that Mario Kart is a better racing game than Gran Turismo. GT is a great simulator, but not a great game.

    And you better believe that I’m arrogant and have no idea what I’m talking about.

  4. Every time I read Nurburgring, I automatically think Nuremberg.

    I want to try GT5 so bad, but I’m just not a fan of racing games. I mean, I tried it on New Years, and thought it was OK, but it’s just not really my cup of tea.

  5. GT5 was a huge letdown. Still a great game though, cept the driving physics when you turn all the driving aids off is terrible. You go for a skid in a rwd car and the car just spins out, turning either way will result in a wasted effort. Not very real.

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