GamerSushi Asks: Questing for Games?

9 hours 9 persons 9 doors

One of the quirkier things about me is that I occasionally become laser-focused and obsessed on things. Actually, this happens all the time. All of my attention will go to one thing, much like the eye of Sauron, and I will be transfixed upon it until there is some kind of resolution.

Yesterday, Anthony directed my attention to a Nintendo DS game I hadn’t heard of before, called 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors (or 999 for short). The game is getting rave reviews, and if it can be likened to anything at all, it would be something akin to Heavy Rain. Basically, you wake up on a freighter, and you have 9 hours to solve a mystery. If you fail, you blow up. If you try to leave, you blow up. Your decisions will cause people to die (including you), and there are multiple endings and paths to figuring everything out.

As a result of reading about this game, I’ve become terribly fixated on it. I’ve basically looked at several Gamestops in my area and near work to try and find this thing used, with no luck. Only two of them even had a new copy near me, and when I went to one of them, they couldn’t actually find it. So I’m considering heading to the other store several miles away to grab it. Yes, I’m aware GameStop has a locator on their site, but so far that has lead me astray many times with other games.

I did this one other time when I searched all over Houston to buy a Dreamcast for $15 several years back, but maybe I’m crazy. My question is: have you guys ever gone on absurd quests like this for games? And have any of you heard of 999?

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  1. To help you on this kind of thing in the future Eddy, go into your local Gamestop and if they don’t have the game, ask them to check and see if anyone in the surrounding area has one. We can look up all the stores in the area, and it’s a bit more reliable than the online one. Once they find a store that has it, ask them to call that store and place it on hold for you. Since the inventory on other stores updates once every morning, sometimes it can be unreliable. It would suck to drive a while only to find someone beat you to it.

    1. Yeah, that’s what I finally ended up doing today. I went to the store across the street (which supposedly had it when I called), and when I took the box up to buy the game, they couldn’t find it behind the counter anywhere. Then they called and reserved it for me a few miles away. This game better heal me of all diseases.

  2. Once to get a copy of Beyond Good & Evil a year or two before the current generation consoles came out. Surprisingly(or unsurprisingly) they didn’t have any copies at any GameStop except for this one about 50 miles southwest of Chicago. Now, I lived on the north side of Chicago back then so this was about a 4 hour drive.

    Considering how low the price was and how amazing the game was, yeah, I’d say the trip the was worth it.

  3. Shadow of the Collosus. I found it on a Friday the 13th so if I believed in luck Id reclassify it as a lucky day.

  4. I haven’t ever gone out of my way to buy a game, but I have been on a here-and-there quest for a PlayStation game I only had a demo of years ago but haven’t been able to ever find a copy of it. I don’t know the name of the game, and everytime I describe it to someone, they don’t know what I’m talking about.

    It was a puzzle game, where you’re a man, floating on a grey stretch of Blocks, and blocks are slowly coming towards you. The objective, if I remember, was to mark certain spaces where the blocks are going to roll over, to create a path for your character to survive, while the rest of the blocks fall off the edge into oblivion. Ring any bells??

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