GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather, 2011 Edition

It’s a brand new year, so it’s time for a brand new edition of Would You Rather, that game where you answer questions and give us awesome rants and diatribes about life, gaming and what you had for dinner.

It’s been some time since our last WYR (November), so I think everyone should be recharged and ready to give us some good responses. Since we’re in a bright shiny new year, I thought it would be pertinent to come at you, bros, with a salvo of 2011 gaming-related queries. I know, I know, the 2011 thing is already getting old, but you’ll probably stop being told that it’s a new year on every site in the world sometime within the next week. That’s just how bloggers roll, I guess.

For the Would You Rather virgins out there, the game is simple: I ask questions, and you follow up with your answers. Give as much or as little explanation as you want for your choices, but we all know that we like to see the reasoning behind the madness.

But don’t let your answers suck. In previous years, we’ve threatened violence and humiliation for having bad bouts of WYR responses. This year, we are going to be more civilized, and instead threaten verbal assaults on your immediate family. After all, you can’t come back to the site if we’ve broken your hands. Anyway, answer away, gents.

1. Who would you rather see skip a release in 2011: Call of Duty, or Assassin’s Creed?

2. Which mode would you rather see in Batman: Arkham City? Co-op or multiplayer?

3. What announcements would you rather get at E3: new reveals or more details on games that are already announced?

4. If you had to downgrade from your PC/console, would you rather end up with a 3DS or an iPhone?

5. Which of these games would you rather have on day one: Uncharted 3, Mass Effect 3 or Portal 2?

6. If there was an option, which of these games would you rather be delayed to 2012: Diablo III or Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?

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16 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Would You Rather, 2011 Edition”

    Just kidding! 😉
    No, not really. Btw. who is making the new CoD? Infinity Ward?

    2. Batman and…. , damn right, ROBIN! So, I would rather see a Co-op mode.

    3. There are so many awesome games announcements for this year that I think we will get more details and less new announcements (GIVE ME A BF3 TRAILER!!!)

    4. How about a PSP phone? If I had to choice between this two, I would rather get the 3DS. I don’t know any good game for the iPhone, but I know most of the classics that will come out for the 3DS.

    5. I love ME1, but I didn’t played ME2 yet (waiting for a “Game of the Year”-Edition with all DLCs). I go with Portal 2, because there will be cake :3

    6. I’m not a Diablo fan and I enjoyed Oblivion. I hope that Skyrim don’t get delayed, but take all the time you need Bethesda. Don’t rush 😀

  2. 1. Assassins Creed, I adored Ezio and would rather they spent a while putting the extra polish on AC3 so that the new location and assassin is just as likeable. I honestly don’t see any Call of Duty gaining much with another year of development, it’s still going to be basically the same game we’ve all played probably dumbed down another notch.

    2. Co-op, Batman and Robin. Robin lures a guy into a corner so batman can swoop down from above. Make it happen.

    3. More details on Half Life 2 Episode 3 please. I would also pick the secret third option, Equal amounts of both!

    4. 3DS, mostly just for the ace attorney series but you gotta love most Ninty games on the ds. Backwards compatable with all those great games with more great ones to come for sure.

    5. Portal 2. Not bothered that much about playing it first, I’ve been playing all the PS3 games that interested me since I have one now so I’m playing inFAMOUS and Ratchet and Clank for the first time and they are still just as good as I imagine they would have been to play at launch. But Portal 2 because I have yet to get around to ME2 or Uncharted 1/2.

    6. Don’t really plan to play either so N/A

  3. 1. I’d like to see CoD skip a year. Black Ops was good but the series is really beginning to become repetitive. I had no problem switching between CoDMW2 and Black Ops because they were so similar, obviously Black Ops is better but it is still just more of the same. I’d like to see them take a little time off and come back with a few more original ideas in the next one.

    2. I totally agree with Viper, Batman and Robin Co-Op is the only way to go. Besides, multi-player in games like Batman are often Dead On Arrival, unless there is some remarkable game type to keep people coming back, but I don’t think we need more repetitive DM, TDM, and CTF games that will lead to empty servers, so I vote Co-op.

    3. Although I don’t think we need more new announcements as our calenders and wallets will be stressed enough this year, I’d still like to hear new announcements, just because there is so much information on games coming out these days, that I feel like I’ve played entire games before they even come out and a lot of the biggest surprises have already been spoiled before the release date.

    4. 3DS, I hate cell phones…

    5. It’s a real tough battle between Uncharted 3 and Mass Effect 3 but I think I have to go with, as hard as it is to say, Mass Effect 3. Just because of the epic journey and the conclusion to the story where you find out how much of an effect your choices in the previous two games really had. I’m just looking forward to seeing the different outcomes everyone has from their decisions.

    6. Unfortunately like James Freeman, Don’t play either and don’t really have an opinion on the matter.

  4. 1. Assassin’s Creed as i’d rather them make it as much of a worthwhile experience as brotherhood has been.

    2.Co-op Batman

    3. Fallout 4 using the new hopefully better engine they’re using for Skyrim

    4.3DS its gonna get metal gear soon as well as a bunch of first party games that i know ill enjoy.

    5. Uncharted 3 hands down because i really don’t care much for the other as i have not played mass effect 3 and I can wait for Portal 2.

    6.Elder Scrolls no fucking way I’m gonna wait any longer for my loot gathering experience in the world of Diablo.

  5. 1. Assasin’s Creed for sure. To this day I still do not own a copy of ANY of the COD games, and more than likely it will stay that way.

    2. Hard call on this one but I would lean more toward multi player, then you could maybe play as the Joker and beat up Batman online.

    3. I always like to get more info on games than hear about new ones.

    4. I guess I would have to downgrade to an Iphone, then I could play angry birds and city jump. Just not sure about the 3ds.

    5. Portal 2 all the way, I am so looking forward to that game.

    6. I would much rather play Skyrim so lets delay diablo 3.

  6. 1. As much as I’m falling in love with the franchise, I think I’d rather see Assassin’s Creed skip a year, simply for the fact that I don’t want IT to turn into Call of Duty.

    2. I’d rather see some kind of co-op functionality with Batman and Robin that mirrors the Splinter Cell: Conviction co-op campaign. That would be incredible.

    3. I think I’d like to get some more details on games we’re already getting, although I also hesitate at getting overloaded with info about the games – I just want to play them!

    4. As much as I’m a fan of the iPhone games, I’m dying to get my hands on a 3DS, bad battery life and all.

    5. I think Mass Effect 3, but that’s a very close call. I just want to play more in that universe. While I love Uncharted, I just MISS the Mass Effect universe when I’m not in it.

    6. I’d rather see Diablo III delayed over Skyrim because Skyrim is interesting me like crazy, and because I haven’t been able to upgrade my PC hardware yet 🙂

    Great answers so far, guys!

  7. 1. Assassin’s Creed, no doubt. Call of Duty will miss a year when hell freezes over.

    2. Co-op for sure. What would multiplayer be? One guy is Batman, and the rest are mercenaries or cops hunting him? Actually, that might be pretty bat-ass.

    3. I can’t handle anticipating anymore games. More information, please.

    4. Since I already own an iPhone 4, I’d say 3DS.

    5. Mass Effect 3, no doubt.

    6. Wait, there’s a chance that Diablo 3 won’t be delayed?

  8. 1. Assassin’s Creed. That type of game will get old every year. Shooters are shorter and less burdensome.

    2. Multiplayer. Batman is always better solo.

    3. More reveals. I am all about the surprise.

    4. 3DS. Nintendo’s games trump the majority of iPhone games.

    5. Mass Effect 3. Uncharted 3 is going to be a better game, but ME 3’s story needs finishing!

    6. Diablo 3. I don’t play on PC, so sorry PC gamers!

  9. 1. Call of Duty. I’m probably not going to get Modern Warfare 3, or at least I won’t buy it; I might rent it just for the campaign and then a couple games of multiplayer, and then not continue. I mean that’s more a specific case, but in general I’d rather see less Call of Duty and more Assassin’s Creed because AC is not an FPS and there’s more opportunity for great stories and cool missions in AC.

    2. Co-op with Robin!!! Stealth games are usually better suited for co-op anyway.

    3. Well I like surprises, so new announces are fun, but more details about previously mentioned titles are really what expos like E3 are made for, not just teaser trailers.

    4. I’d rather have an iPhone since I already have a regular DS and I don’t want no crappy 3D crap. I mean I’d barely use my iPhone, but at least it has Angry Birds.

    5. Mass Effect 3, or any open-world single-player games. As much as epic multiplayer games in Call of Duty’s level-up vein pretty much demand day-one purchase, I still feel more compelled to play, explore, and enjoy open-world games as soon as possible before I accidentally expose my virgin eyes to spoilers.

    6. Hm, I suppose I’d rather see Skyrim delayed since I am interested in it but not jizzgasming over its release date, so I’d rather have the game on my low-level radar and then be pleasantly surprised by a game that was given more development time once it is released later. I probably won’t get Diablo III since I’m not much of a hack-n-slash RPG guy, but everyone knows that Blizzard is going to delay that schist.

    Great questions, I’d love to see some ones about game design decisions; those are the most intellectually stimulating. Good work, Gamersushi Team!

  10. 1. I’d rather not see a new AC this year. Those games actually bring new stuff to the table, unlike Black Ops where you just shoot stuff.

    2. Co-Op. Goes without saying.

    3. It really depends. If it’s a sequel, like Infamous 2 or Portal 2, I want to see reveals. If it’s a third, fourth, etc. game in a franchise, I want to see new details on it.

    4. Ooh, that’s a tough one. I think I’ll have to go with 3DS. ‘Cause you know, I like playing things other than tower defense clones. See what I just did there? How I burned you casual gamers? 😛

    5. Portal 2. As far as what a sequel should be, I think this game nails it in every way, where as Uncharted and Mass Effect just seem like tweaking an already perfect formula.

    6. As much as I hate to say it, I want to see Skyrim delayed, so that the developers can really tighten everything up, pull all the stops, and prevent it from becoming another New Vegas.

    Another great would you rather.

  11. 1. AC can skip a year as COD has lost me now. Probably anyway.
    2. Co-op would be cool. Mitch’s idea sounds good too. I’m pretty sure The Chronicles of Riddick did that btw.
    3. Well new stuff is exciting any day of the year but E3 is just so awesome when we recieve so much new info in such a short space of time. A few new things with a LOT of new info is my ideal format.
    4. 3DS. MGS3D. That is all.
    5. Uncarted. I need that game now. Probably ME3 aswell. Ill decide after playing 2 on the PS3.
    6. Either. Diabalo because I’m not interested (never played one before and Borderlands 2 would be more welcome to my holiday gaming binge; make it happen gearbox!) and Skyrim can be delayed too if it would benefit the game’s devolpment.

  12. 1. Assassin’s Creed. That series I still care about and I want to see it do as good as possible, and I don’t want to be burn out on it. Call of Duty, on the other hand, I want to be ran into the ground, Guitar Hero style.

    2. Is neither an option? Batman has always been a fly solo kinda guy for me, and what made the first so great for me was the stealth and atmosphere, two things that would be ruined if I had to babysit a friend of mine.

    3. New reveals are always great. Details can wait until the summer when the gaming sites and magazines are begging for something to write about. E3 has to be able to prove everyone (especially after the VGA’s) that it is the most exciting place in gaming and I think announcing new stuff is how you do that.

    4. 3DS. The iPhone games don’t have the depth I would prefer, especially if I was downgrading.

    5. Mass Effect 3. It’s my favorite game series of all time. I have multiple t shirts, two posters, three books, and a 18×24 concept art of Thane signed and numbered by the artist who created him. I. Love. Mass Effect.

    6. Not into Diablo, so I’ll have to say Elder Scrolls. In November we already have Uncharted and Mass Effect, Gears 3 will be somewhere in there, and tons of other games. Also, Bethesda could always use some extra time to get rid of bugs.

  13. 1. Assassins Creed. ONly because of how much I play COD. AC needs to fix its multiplayer.

    2. Ooooooo. How about Co-op Multiplayer? THink Splinter Cell. That…would kick ass. Batman & robin vs goons.

    3. More announcements on prior games

    4. iPhone. I can see me using things on there more.

    5. Uncharted. Portal 2 though is close in second there.

    6. Diablo III hands down. I can no WAIT for Skyrim. I think Skyrim will overshadow Diablo III honestly. The thing D3 will have going for it will be multiplayer.

  14. 1. COD, definitely. Playing Black Ops, I felt like I was playing my last CoD game, but maybe with a year off I might return to the franchise.

    2. Being honest with myself, the likelihood of me ever touching the co-op mode would be slim, but I’m not feeling the multiplayer for this game. Co-op it is.

    3. Shoot, who wants to choose on this one? I guess I’d go with new reveals for maximum buzz.

    4. 3DS. The iPhone’s great for all your irate avian needs, but I can’t see it as a decent platform for something like an RPG.

    5. Currently I’d probably go with Portal 2, but as I’ve got Mass Effect 2 and Uncharted 1&2 in my gaming queue for this year, that answer is very much subject to change.

    6. Skyrim’s got me chomping at the bit. I’m sure Diablo III will be great, but I’d give it the boot.

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