Dragon Age 2 Developer Diary Lays Out the Narrative

If there was ever a title out there scampering about with a question mark firmly planted above its head, it would definitely be Dragon Age 2. While the original game in the newly birthed fantasy franchise was a slightly revamped cross between the combat sensibilities of Bulder’s Gate and the dialog system of older BioWare games like Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age 2 is, to further use our phrase, “Mass Effecting” it a little. Gone is the very mutable player character: you now control a human named Hawke, who’s only variables are gender and class. How is this going to work in a world that was defined by your actions and not necessarily your character? BioWare has just dropped some relevant knowledge on us in the form of a developer diary which I’ve embedded below:

BioWare is playing Dragon Age 2 very close to the chest this time around, causing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins’ fans to raise a very justified eyebrow. While we’ll see for certain on March 2 whether Dragon Age 2 can live up to the original, at this point I’m certain that BioWare’s pedigree speaks for itself. Who’s got Dragon Age on their must buy list?

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3 thoughts on “Dragon Age 2 Developer Diary Lays Out the Narrative”

  1. I pre-ordered it yesterday so I’m getting the very nice looking Bioware Signature Edition. Free Day 1DLC FTW!

  2. At first I was suspicious but its Bioware they’ve never let us down before so I pre-ordered a while ago and after seeing the dev dairies I can say I’m glad I did, I’m very much looking forward to it.

  3. You can change the looks of Hawke, Mitch. After playing it at PAX it’s definitely on my must buy list, although I am still worried about the graphics.

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