Telltale’s Jurassic Park Will Draw Inspiration From Heavy Rain

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When big companies go to translate their franchises to video games, there are usually two routes they typically take: make a first person shooter, or emulate God of War. When Universal Studios wanted to make a game based on Jurassic Park, they didn’t want another FPS associated with the JP name and a third-person brawler would have been a little far fetched. Knowing that the franchise needed a gentle hand, the movie company approached Telltale Games, the development house known these days for keeping the dying adventure game genre alive.

According to Telltale executive director Kevin Boyle, the nature of making a Jurassic Park game has forced the team to rethink how they typically go about making adventure games. While large parts of the game will no doubt resemble the classic point and click style of Back to the Future or Sam and Max, Mr. Boyle says that there where be frantic moments that require Heavy Rain level reactions and input from the player.

Kevin Boyle and his team think that the best way to combine the character-building moments of Jurassic Park with the thrills of dinosaurs leaping at you is to mash-up the precise pace of adventure games with the slam-bang action of Heavy Rain’s quicktime events. The series will be episodic and five episodes are currently planned for a PC/Mac release.

What do you guys think about this? Does this sound interesting enough to get you to look a bit more closely at Jurassic Park? I know it worked for me.

Source – The Escapist

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  1. I was going to post a gripe about the old “dying adventure genre” shtick…but was too excited by the news. If they can make the quicktime sections anywhere near as compelling as Heavy Rain, I’m hooked. Actually, I’ll gladly take a bit less timed-event intensity – a couple of those Heavy Rain sequences left me feeling like I’d survived a heart attack.

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