“Class-less” Skyrim Details Emerge

I know most of you are still busy trying to finish every last quest in Oblivion, but you might want to pause and take a look at some of the changes VG247 has revealed that will be featured in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, due to be released in November. Some of them will likely ignite a fire on the Internet not seen since…well, it happens all the time, so nevermind.

For starters, you don’t pick a class when the game starts. Also, now you get to pick Perks, just like in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, which should be a nice touch when applied to the fantasy setting. They are cutting the number of skills fro 21 to 18 and you can either specialize in certain skills or be a jack of all trades, which is always my choice.

Combat will be more tactical than “ATTACK, BLOCK, ATTACK” and you can dual-wield certain weapons, which sounds pretty bad-ass. The way NPC’s interact with you will change based on how your character is built, in addition to challenging NPC’s to duels, just like Red Dead Redemption, but without guns, I hope. It sounds like Bethesda is not content to rest on their laurels, nor turn Skyrim into a fantasy Fallout, which is a nice realization. For more details hit the link.

What do you think of the changes announced so far? What would you like to see done differently? Commence comments!

Source: VG247

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7 thoughts on ““Class-less” Skyrim Details Emerge”

  1. I am personally not opposed to cutting skills, just as long as the ones that are there are deep and engrossing. Perks is also something I don’t mind, I kinda look at it like how you had different abilities at certain skill levels. I think that they will also be able to make the perks more interesting than the bland skills they had. Also mysticism was never fully realized in my opinion, I think they could of done so much with that for pure mage classes, by including the powerful yet subtle magic things. Kinda hard to explain.

    Otherwise everything sounds cool, and good. EXCEPT for how they have confirmed the return of level scaling. Did they not listen to anyone on the interwebs at all?

  2. This makes me incredibly pumped for Skyrim. It’s like Bethesda is taking everything that was either wrong or just limited with Oblivion and cranking it up to 11.

    I do disagree with Muaddib though. It seems that Bethesda is learning from their mistakes with Oblivion’s scaling. And even if Skyrim does have crappy leveling, you can just get the game on the PC and get a scaling mod. I never really had a problem with Oblivion’s scaling anyway.

  3. Bring it on, the more change the better. I’d like to see Bethesda take a step out of their comfort zone.

  4. @Trogador; I am just bitter because I am not tech savy enough to get mods to work on Oblivion. something about steam protection that encodes something making something incompatible with something else.

  5. Bethesda just nailed 80% of my wish list. Not bad. The only potential downer, as Muaddib said, is the modified level scaling, but I’m cautiously optimistic even on that front.

  6. [quote comment=”15184″] everything sounds cool, and good. EXCEPT for how they have confirmed the return of level scaling. Did they not listen to anyone on the interwebs at all?[/quote]

    If you look at what they say though, it looks like they may fix this annoyance with giving “and designate opponents that are appropriately matched to your strengths and weaknesses” Ill agree its not a total fix to the fact that, again, you will only face enemies of your level. But at least it will be different I hope. Or feel more different. Will agree though, slightly sad scaling is completely back.

    To that comment and 2 other mentioned. Scaling CAN be fixed with mods. My recommendation to fellows like @Muaddib – Forget Steam, just get the game itself. I wouldn’t consider TES series as fun if it weren’t for the ability to add in user generated content.

    Im very excited about this now. I think they are bringing things back from Morrowind and adding in things people wanted to see in Oblivion. One of the things I am most excited about is the Combat. With more dynamic combat, the gme should be 10x as intense.

    Also excited about the new game engine (which wasn’t mentioned here) seeing as how they are saying things should LOOK much better. The dynamic snow is something I think will be cool.

    The quest bit I think is great too, it really will make the game more unique. Mages wont do warrior things. That will force some uniqueness in characters. The only sad thing is that now one character may not be able to do everything.

    The level scaling 2.0 is great too. With randomly generated quests, the ability for the game to make it with different places is great. So in one play through I may do a quest in one dungeon, while in another play though its at another place all together, that is awesome.

    Perks, they worry me a little bit. Depends on how they do them.

    Lastly I think that the radiant AI has been boosted. The whole bit about leaving things around so people cant steal them, or may steal them (or even kill each other over them) is awesome. The AI can be super fun in Oblivion. Iv seen guards get into fights with each other (to the death) and you can find some AI that do awkward things. Hopefully they continue to make the AI do some crazy things in Skyrim. Honestly what was promised in Oblivion in terms of Radiant AI seemed overblown. Maybe this time things will be truly more random.

    Im very stoked for this game. Combat has me really excited now. I also cant wait to see how the game looks. Februarys edition of Game Informer is a MUST for me to have. Cant wait for more content to come out.

    Keep posting Skyrim news!

  7. I thought I posted a comment earlier but it’s not showing up. In the event that it remains lost in the intertubes forever, this quick version must suffice:
    As long as Illusion, Destruction and conjuration remain I’m happy enough.
    New social interactions soumd great. And inheritance? Brilliant idea.
    Also, if Dragon Age Origins is any indication, dual weilding will be awesometacular.

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