CNN Ranks Their Top Games of 2010

cnn top games of 2010

Like everyone and their dog, “Best of” lists are coming fast and furious as publications set about to rank and rate the various entertainment properties that 2010 has bestowed upon us. While we’re certainly no exception (keep your peepers peeled folks), we’re a little below the notoriety level of say, CNN. Like Time Magazine, they’ve put out a list of their favorite games of 2010, headed off by Heavy Rain.

Unlike Time Magazine, however, Alan Wake is nowhere to be found and Mass Effect 2 ranks sufficiently higher. This list makes a bit more sense to my ingrained gamer traditionalism, but I’m just one man with an opinion. Take a look at the list after the jump:

1. “Heavy Rain” (Sony, PlayStation 3)

2. “Red Dead Redemption” (Rockstar Games, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360)

3. “Super Mario Galaxy 2” (Nintendo, Wii)

4. “Mass Effect 2” (Electronic Arts, PC/Xbox 360)

5. “Rock Band 3” (MTV Games, PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii)

6. “Call of Duty: Black Ops” (Activision, PC/PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Wii)

7. “FIFA 11” (EA Sports, PC/PlayStation 2/PlayStation3/PSP/Xbox 360)

8. “God of War 3” (Sony, PlayStation 3)

9. “StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty” (Blizzard, PC)

10. “Halo: Reach” (Microsoft, Xbox 360)

Just to head off certain comments that may cast disparaging remarks on our posting of lists, this is mainly for people who haven’t seen it to check it out and leave their thoughts below.

Any opinion on CNN’s list? Does it make more sense to you than Time’s? Hit me!

Source – CNN

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4 thoughts on “CNN Ranks Their Top Games of 2010”

  1. Could all the rock band/guitar hero clones please leave the building? I am serious. The number of sequels and repeats of the same ideas are annoying. They should have a list of the best new IP’s every year to help stimulate ingenuity. I think people should hold those in higher regard than almost all of the above games. Except for Starcraft 2, I give that a pass because the first one was 10 years old. Oh and Red Dead Redemption because that was a massive overhaul and basically a new IP in and of itself.

    Out of all of those games, only Heavy Rain is not a sequel. This is depressing.

  2. Cool that Heavy Rain got the number uno spot – it is a one of a kind I think.

    I’m wondering how long it will be until people start to get tired of the CoD formula for fps though. I’ll be very interested to see if and how designers go about doing that.

  3. If ME2 comes in fourth, I begin to lose my shit.
    truthfully, though, the list is pretty good for a mainstream magazine

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