Call of Duty Looks Strange in Real Life

How’s your lead-up to the holidays going, GamerSushi-ans? I hope that you’ve bought all the presents you need because things get a little crazy out there come tomorrow. Anyways, the staff here is taking a little break as Eddy mentioned, but I thought that I would pop in and give you a little gift in the form of a new Freddie Wong video, who in the past has explored gaming conventions like how aimbot would work in real life. This time, he’s poking fun at Call of Duty, similar to his Time Crisis spoof but without the guy from Spartacus. Watch and enjoy:

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One thought on “Call of Duty Looks Strange in Real Life”

  1. I watched this earlier today and boy is it good. I really like Freddie Wong’s videos, classy and hilarious.
    In the lead up to Xmas, I’ve been playing fuck all bar Oblivion. I was allowed to install and update Black Ops, GT5 and DA:Origins today so I could get stuck in Christmas day. Good thing too, because that GT5 updat took me a good 2 1/2 hours to get. 600mb on my bandwidth? Damned Polyphony. Hopefully BFBC2’s monster of an update can be downloaded.

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