The GamerSushi Show, Ep 14: The 2010 Recap

Mass Effect 3As promised, here’s yet another edition of the GamerSushi Show, 3 weeks in a row! Seriously, you should be impressed with us, because I am. And I am not easily impressed.

Anyway, I actually didn’t make it to this podcast as I had family in town, but the other dudes are more than capable and ended up having a great discussion on the year 2010 in review. There’s a big discussion about the VGAs, the biggest disappointments of 2010, as well as its biggest surprises. Naturally, since I’m not there, it probably means it was maybe the greatest podcast ever of all time, so please listen to it and tell everyone how much better it is without me.

There probably won’t be a podcast next week because of Christmas, so don’t hold your breath. We’ll let you guys know if it’s coming or not, it just depends. In the mean time, check out this podcast and enjoy its gaming goodness.

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Looking to 2011
Modern Warfare 3?
Mass Effect 3
VGA Recap and Neil Patrick Harris
Deus Ex Human Revolution Delay

Tops of 2010

Favorite Gaming Thing of 2010
Biggest Surprise of 2010
Biggest Disappointment of 2010

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2 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 14: The 2010 Recap”

  1. Great show as always guys. It’s just a shame Eddy didn’t watch the Uncharted 3 footage.
    On the topic of Human Revolution, I really hope it turns into something good with this added polish. I’m playing the original on PS2 right now (near the end I’m sure) and I love it a lot. I just hope that this keeps the franchise alive considering how much I love the universe and it’s depiction of the future even though I hope it turns out NOTHING like that.

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