Bungie Serves Up Crazy Halo: Reach Stats

As a gaming nerd, I’m a big fan of statistics (though not nearly as much as Eddy), so looking at the accumulated kills of Grunts in Halo: Reach is a nice Christmas present from the folks at Bungie. Ever since Halo: Reach dropped back on September 14, the Noble Sixes of the world have been investing a lot of time in the sci-fi shooter, spending about twenty-four thousand years in game and earning nine hundred trillion credits in the process.

Of course, reading stats dry off a page is kind of boring, which is why Bungie whipped up a handy infographic detailing the genocidal, time-wasting nature of Halo players. I’ve posted the whole thing after the jump, so go take a look!

halo reach stats

And there it is folks. All I have to say is: you crazy. Sure, I contributed to the totals, but those are still some crazy statistics. What do you guys think of Bungie’s infographic? What other games from this year would you like to see something for?

Source – Bungie Studios

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4 thoughts on “Bungie Serves Up Crazy Halo: Reach Stats”

  1. Since WoW now keeps track of the individual statistics of every player, I think it would be crazy to see how many kills have been racked up over the years across the various realms. Or how much gold has been looted.

  2. I would love to see a WoW statistic thing like this, but I think it would be about as tall as the Empire State Building.

  3. ITs crazy.
    I am printing it out as wall paper for my room.
    I hope others game creators will do the same for their games.
    It seems really cool. The way Bungie displays them.

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