Rooster Teeth’s Immersion is Back With Side Scroller

I’ve always enjoyed the stuff Rooster Teeth has put out, and their new series Immersion is probably my favorite of the bunch. While I don’t like their machinima as much as a certain series by a different team (raise, please), Rooster Teeth makes an effort to stay fresh and reinvent themselves. In this week’s episode of Immersion, the RT team test how well someone can perform on an obstacle course in 2D vision in the vein of Super Mario Bros.

What did you guys think of this weeks episode?

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2 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth’s Immersion is Back With Side Scroller”

  1. The tests they do are good, but with these 3rd person view immersions they need to zoom out. In games your character doesn’t fill up half the screen (height wise). This is the only problem I saw with this test and their car driving test. If they zoomed out the person running through the course would have more time to react to things.

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