GamerSushi Asks: Biggest Let Downs of 2010?

Final Fantasy 14

As the end of the year draws nigh, it’s only natural that every site in the world is going to come up with a series of “Best Of” lists regarding the nearly late but still great 2010. We try to vary things up around here when we can, but since there’s no news, you’ll probably be getting a few of these lists as we find them, because hey, we like to post. Sort of.

Anyway, Gamasutra has been doing a series of lists about 2010 in review, including this new one I enjoyed where they covered the year’s Top 5 Disappointments. The list covers everything from the giant cluster that was the Final Fantasy XIV launch through the removal of the Taliban in Medal of Honor. I suppose it could also be called the biggest fails of 2010, but hey, it’s their list. I think if I’m going over my list of disappointments, it would include Little Big Planet 2 getting moved to next year, and Microsoft’s focus on Kinect at E3.

So what about you guys? What were your top disappointments of 2010?

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8 thoughts on “GamerSushi Asks: Biggest Let Downs of 2010?”

  1. My biggest one would be Medal of Honor in its entirety. Not exactly that it’s just the worst game ever made, just that they had all these years to fix the problems that the series had, all this time, money and hype and all they put out was a relatively average product.

    I guess some runner-ups would be Other M, Mafia II, and New Vegas(but just for the crippling bugs).

  2. I didn’t play too much this year until the very end, but I think the biggest disappointment this year would have to be Kinect. It has a shit-ton of potential, and all the developers are doing is making stupid shovelware and janky sports titles. Project Natal/Kinect promised a lot for both causal and hardcore audiences, and now the only fun thing to do with it is hack it and make shadow puppets. That, and the controls, figuratively speaking, aren’t as responsive as I’d like. It seems more like Microsoft doing what they love–making less-than-stellar hardware for a ridiculous cost.

    Oh look, I became a PS3 fanboy. Dammit. 🙁

  3. How about 2 of the games I’ve been waiting for for YEARS not being released on PC (Alan Wake & Heavy Rain)? Mafia II being Mediocre? Still No EP3? RDR not being ported to PC? From a PC gamer stand point, 2010 was a shitty year. Unless you play Blizzard games… then I guess you’re okay. But for the sane, it was more CS and Audiosurf.

    1. Julez I totally get your frustration… but in that case, why not just spend a couple hundred bucks and get a PS3 or 360? Is it just a principle thing? I mean, in my mind, if you really wanted to play those games, the consoles are so cheap now you could easily rectify that rather than waiting for who knows how long.

  4. Eddy’s comment shows how relative is the value of money. I wouldn’t spend my whole year’s budget for games on a console. I’d rather spend 200 bucks for a humble indie bundle than do that.

    1. So it’s a principle thing then, Nevertell? I love PC gaming, but I would gladly pay money up front rather than be upset about games I couldn’t play. If you don’t want the games THAT bad, I totally get it. But if the answer is something different, I can’t really wrap my head around it. I mean, it’s cool if that’s your deal, but I’ll never understand it 🙂

      In my head, games are games. I’m pretty much going to play the ones I want to play however I am required to do so. I don’t prefer playing with the Wii controller, but if a game came out that I wanted to play bad enough, I wouldn’t sit around frustrated that it wasn’t on my favorite machine. I’d go out and find a Wii to play it on.

      You’re totally right, the value of money is relative. But honestly, $200 bucks or years of waiting for games that will probably never come? I’d take the $200 for sure. Playing games is worth it to me.

      Is there a price point where you would consider jumping to a console if it meant playing games you really wanted? Say $50 or $100?

  5. It’s not really a principle thing. I just hate playing games with a controller. It’s so tough to go back. The only thing they’re good for is racing games and platforming. It’s not about being a fanboy, I just really can’t play games with a controller anymore. And like I said, my roomate does have a PS3 now, so I will likely play Heavy Rain since it’s controls don’t really matter between keyboard/controller since they’re unique.

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