Poll: Favorite Announcement of VGA’s?

Well, the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards have come and they have gone, leaving us slightly more forgiving of the show’s shortcomings this year, thanks to the plethora of awesome reveals dumped on us. Honestly, I was expecting something pretty cool, but what we got was beyond awesome.

Which leads to our poll. Vote for the announcement that got you most excited and let us know why. Personally, confirmation of Mass Effect 3 being released this year coupled with Elder Scrolls V and seeing just a snippet of gameplay of Uncharted 3 was my favorite part. I know, I picked 3 things, sue me, it’s my post. Also, did you like the trailers we saw or would you prefer more gameplay? Vote now!

Most Exciting Announcement of the 2010 VGA's?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite Announcement of VGA’s?”

  1. Oh man it’s like picking a favourite child, not an easy poll at all.

    Probably will have to go with Elder Scrolls V because there wasn’t much buzz about it and just knowing it’s coming is getting me hyped. Also the music was great I thought.

    I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t mind the flashy CG trailer’s without gameplay, can always guarantee gameplay will be released sometime before the games launch anyway.

  2. I’m surprised how few votes Uncharted is getting. But to be honest, as it stands at the moment, the poll results definitely reflect my top 3 announcements – Mass Effect 3, Elder Scrolls V, then Uncharted 3.

  3. I want all those games besides Prototype. Didn’t like the first one at all and I usually like gory games(I’m always wondering why you guys don’t mention Deadspace more often. That was an awesome game) but that was just non-sense. I’m an huge fan of the Gran Turismo series but Forza3 was pretty good. I’m lucky enough to own all of the 3 systems so I’ll definetly grab FM4 too.
    I voted for Uncharted 3 and after seeing the gameplay on Jimmy Fallon’s I’m certain that was the right choice. Other Action/Adventure games have yet to master the movement dynamics and animation that Uncharted 2 gave us not to mention the setpieces, voice acting and engaging storyline.
    I feel like I should mention other games titles like Rage and Crysis 2 because not only they will be excellent but also they will set the bar, again, for visual and tech quality. Yeah I guess when it comes to PC gaming everybody remembers Half-life, Portal, Fallout, Starcraft and WOW but don’t count out(forget) id software. Come on… DOOM, Hexen, Heretic, Wolfenstein, Quake and other titles spawned from their engines.

  4. As far as what game I’m most excited for goes: Uncharted 3.
    But for the trailer that gets me the most pumped? Skyrim.
    “But, there’s one they fear. In their tongue, he’s Dovahkiin:Dragon Born!” *EPIC MUSIC*
    What an awesome trailer.
    I’m also liking ME3’s trailer as well as the prospect of a new SSX game. SSX3 is one of my favourite games ever and On Tour and Blur didn’t live up to it at all. Here’s hoping it’s a return to form.

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