Mass Effect 3 Trailer Makes Landfall

It was rumored, teased and leaked on the EA Store, but now we have official confirmation of the existence of Mass Effect 3. The teaser trailer shown a while back is actually just a small sample from a much larger, much more grandiose effort. Enough mincing words, though. Have a look:

Not too many details about the actual mechanics right now, but who really cares? It’s Mass Effect 3, it’s real, and it’s coming Holiday 2011. I think I speak for everyone when I say “do want”. What do you guys think?

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11 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Trailer Makes Landfall”

  1. Do want indeed. There were so many annoucements. Looking forward for this week’s podcast, you should have plenty to talk about. Do you guys think that BioWare will pull a “MGS2” on ME3? That british soldier could be a main character for a part of the story. The trailer for Uncharted 3 looked sweet too I’m expecting another “S” on this one. Can’t wait.

  2. I literally stared screaming and shaking in happiness when i saw this post, thank you Gamersushi for making my week and for informing those who were not able to watch the show!

  3. Sadly, I’m going to be getting Mass Effect 2 on PS3, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I also liked the way the trailer wasn’t set in America for a change. Give us Europeans a chance to fail miserably at defending ourselves!

  4. Long time reader, first time poster. This looks amazing; I might just be regretting my decision to destroy the Collector station at this point.

  5. I’d LOVE to get excited about this, I got a hell of a lot of play out of 2, but 2 has kind of lost its appeal.

    I really hate male Shep’s voice, it’s not bad, but seems very off all the time. You can either play bastard (slugging a female reporter for mouthing off is not heroic or anti-heroic, it’s douchey) or a complete angel who does no wrong, otherwise your speach suffers and you lose a lot of dialogue options. It’s a lot of little things that I really can’t get over.

    It may just be that I overplayed the game, but ME 3s got some stepoing up to do to get my attention.

    Until then I’ll be rabbidly waiting for any and all news on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2. Mmmmm, I can taste the atmosphere of the Chernobyl zone already…

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