GamerSushi Asks: Who’s Playing Cataclysm?

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Last night, the evil dragon aspect Deathwing burst from the core of Azeroth, forever changing the face of the world that millions of people have been adventuring across for the past six years. After journeying to Outland and then to the frozen wasteland of Northrend, adventurers are called back to the main continents of the World of Warcraft to see how the Cataclysm has changed the planet.

As we all know, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm brings some big changes to “vanilla WoW”, as the base game is also known. The landscape, which had remained mostly static for the game’s lifetime, has been radically altered by an apocalyptic event. While the expansion does add a bunch of things under the hood, increases the level cap to 85 and re-tools a bunch of quests, this virtual face-lift is the most noticeable aspect of the the changes WoW has undergone.

While I’ve manage to avoid being sucked back into the hype, I know there’s a couple users here (like SK Beans and my friend The Nage) who are busy flying around Azeroth grinding out levels until they reach 85. Amazingly, someone has already reached the level cap for Cataclysm, so no pressure. If you’re playing Cataclysm, what are your impressions? Does it breath new life back into the World of Warcraft? What do you want to see from future expansions?

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  1. This guy! I started a Orc Shaman back two weeks ago when the changed first rolled out and I love the old areas. It’s like playing them for the first time. Not to mention they all are significantly better, the quests flow together nicely and you are never stuck wondering where to go. And as of a couple of hours ago my mage is level 81 and I’m loving Mt Hyjal (one of the new zones). The quests are fun to play and all flow very nicely. So far this is my favorite expansion. If you’re considering getting back into WoW, or thinking about starting for the first time, right now is the best time since 2004.

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