Toys R Us Christmas Video Game Deal: Buy 1, Get 50% Off

Toys R Us Sale

I know. Your legs are still recovering from Black Friday and your butt is sore from sitting in front of your PC (or Mac) on Cyber Monday. But if you have any resolve left in you and any spare cash, Toys R Us is cranking out a pretty good deal that doesn’t expire until Christmas Eve on December 24th. I thought I was done shopping myself, but this deal is kind of hard to pass up.

Buy any video game related item (excluding consoles) and get the second item half off. That’s it. No fine print, no “SALE ONLY GOOD FOR 5 MINUTES” hoopla, just a simple deal from a large retail chain with a decent inventory. And this counts for games, guides, shirts and accessories. I myself recently purchased the new silver Xbox 360 Controller with the Play and Charge kit and the rotating D-Pad. Verdict: I love it. So hit the link below and get to shopping, either for your friends, family, or (let’s be honest) yourself.

Source: Toys R Us

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