The GamerSushi Show, Ep 12: Characters and Cameras

Epic MickeyIt’s the first week of December, so we’re bringing a brand new edition of the GamerSushi Show, back in our shorter and more frequent format. If we can keep rolling with this, you should see one of these bad boys each and every week.

In this edition, we cover a whole slew of topics, including a brief look back at 2010, and a look forward at the titles we’re going to be playing in an effort to close the year out strong. We also tackle the release of Epic Mickey, one of the Wii’s new flagship titles, and discuss the game’s virtues and a couple of its shortcomings, including third person video game cameras and why it seems so hard for developers to get it right. After that we tackle a new game from Nick (which Anthony dominates) and then take a look at Game Informer’s list of 30 Characters that Defined a Decade.

So, as you can see, just because things are shorter does not mean we don’t have anything to talk about. Once again, please go rate this cast on iTunes and subscribe with the handy links to the right. Enjoy!

This week’s topics:

The year in review
Games we’ll be playing to close out the year
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Multiplayer

What Are You Playing?
Epic Mickey
Video Game Cameras and Why They Suck

Nick’s Game: Fill in the Blank
Kinect Sales
Back to the Future Trailer
Kotick, Facebook and Apps
Portal Delay

Big Issue
Game Informer’s Top 30 Characters List
Best Characters/Most Iconic Characters of the Decade

And there you have it, ladies and gentledudes. Please spread the word about the podcast, and hope you enjoy!

The big question:

What words would you use to fill in the blanks for Nick’s questions? And what characters do you feel are the most iconic of the last decade? Go!

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7 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 12: Characters and Cameras”

  1. *I couldnt PLAY batman because of the camera. He’s on the WRONG SIDE of your mouse, and far too close to the camera. I completely agree. (btw, i’ve always had issues with Mario 64’s Camera. But that’s mostly because I like a Mouse, not a “second D-pad”)

    *Imagine a game like Black-ops, where those shitty repeadetly-tap-a-button sequences that would be Kinect-only. That really wouldn’t surprise me, and frankly, I’m sure Microsoft would give them $50M just to have the forced feature.

    *Apple takes a /really/ big chunk. Unless you’re some super-developer, don’t support them. (See: The Flashbulb vs Apple)

    *A company like Microsoft SHOULD pay a company like Activision. If you’ve already got people paying yearly for an additional internet service, clearly you can get them to reason an extra $8 a year. “But it’s only 8 bucks” is the rational, and why not? You only catch the fish that are biting :).

    *I am French, last name Michaud (pron. Me-show), and I actually laughed out loud by myself. I do not feel alienated, don’t worry.

    *Max Payne belongs on your re-arranged list.

    Great job guys.

  2. Great podcast! (I actually had time to listen!) lol at Chortle, it made me choke on my milk n’ cookies.

    I agree with what you guys had to say about the characters list. Instead of KOS-MOS they could have put Shion, who is a strong female lead character, and it would have been good to go. While I really liked John Marston, I don’t think I would have put him so high, but that brings me to my whole reordering of the list. I think Wander from Shadow of the Colossus should have at least been in the Top 10 because SotC is teh best gaem evarrr and Wander’s struggle with life and death is so poignant and certainly one of the best characterizations given how subtle the storytelling is compared to most other games and movies. I’m glad Captain Price made it on the list because he really is iconic and he was what made Call of Duty 4 so memorable. He represents when CoD was actually awesome, and he even managed to make me love the ending of MW2 even in retrospect.

    To the point of Shepherd being on the list, I think he should not be on the list simply because of the fact that Mass Effect gives the player control to radically alter Shepherd’s personality. Shepherd remains a hero, but being able to decide between a morally upstanding character or an anti-hero is a huge difference. That’s like talking about a character and their evil opposite as though they were one character.

  3. Master Chief and Kratos shouldn’t even be included. There not even really characters, just the barest Archetype.
    I would guess the justification for Commander Shepard is even though you make decisions, their still on two basic paths, and as a character hes successful on either path.

  4. I cannot disagree with all of you more about Jimmy Hopkins on the character list. He is the best leading (playable) character that Rockstar has ever created. Play Bully, seriously.

    The only caveat may be what you think GI’s list is actually about, but they don’t know what they were doing with that list. The name of the list contradicts ten characters being on it, and they even did a “special” podcast devoted to the list (explanations) that I believe was about 45 minutes. I had no idea what they were going for with the list after listening to it, so there’s that.

    Also, Ico. He is a better character than Wander, though Wander’s story, being back-loaded and not front-loaded like Ico’s, leaves a better impression. I feel he is the better character because Wander as a character is so very one-note. What actually HAPPENS TO HIM is the interesting stuff, but he-himself is a boring character. Ico’s precociousness and amazing will to survive, blended with the character development done through animation, make him a more enjoyable and interesting character by far. And as for GI, without Ico, you have no Wander. So which character was really more “defining”?

    1. We were mostly talking about iconic characters rather than which character was best. For me, iconic means they encapsulated something or represented something about this decade of gaming. In which case, Hopkins absolutely has no place on the list in my opinion. I have played Bully, and while I enjoyed the game, I wouldn’t say that Hopkins comes close to representing the decade. Bully was mostly forgotten, even in the year it came out.

      You do raise a good point about Wander vs Ico, though. I’d lean towards Wander in the end because of what SotC achieved.

      Great comments guys! Thanks for listening!

  5. GamerMoose? That’s just silly. Over here in Ireland we’re sensible and call it The GamerPotato Show. Yeah.
    Great podcast as always guys. Also, I was worried you’d miss the RE5 reference, great save Anthony (I think it was Anthony).

  6. [quote comment=”14971″]GamerMoose? That’s just silly. Over here in Ireland we’re sensible and call it The GamerPotato Show. Yeah.
    Great podcast as always guys. Also, I was worried you’d miss the RE5 reference, great save Anthony (I think it was Anthony).[/quote]

    Hells yeah it was me!

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