Gaming’s Most Bizarre Endings

Solidus Snake

There’s nothing more satisfying than beating a video game that you’ve been sinking a lot of time into. For me, watching the resolution of all of those hours of gameplay is pure bliss, especially if it comes on the heels of some long dungeon grinding or a particularly epic boss fight to tie off the whole experience. I love that feeling of setting the controller, and then kicking back to see what kind of ending I earned. You know, unless that ending sucks.

Sadly, this has happened more times than ought to, and I think the most recent examples of this for me would be Alan Wake. My wife even looked over at me after it was finished and asked if I was mad, following that question up with “I would be if I just played that crap.” Usually, when I’m slapped in the face with a bad ending, I just kind of stare at my TV in shock rather than anger. I don’t know, maybe I hope there’s a secret ending hidden somewhere.

It seems that I’m not the only one who’s experienced bad endings though, seeing as how UGO put together a list of the 11 Weirdest Game Endings of all time. Here’s a hint: MGS2 is number 1, because of that weird Solidus Snake business. Definitely worth the read, and you’ll be able to laugh at it alot, unless of course you played those games and were burned by them.

What game endings have left you dissatisfied with the outcome? Any games that were particularly weird? Go!

Source – UGO

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4 thoughts on “Gaming’s Most Bizarre Endings”

  1. Modern Warfare 2, definitely.
    It was essentially the same thing as the first MW, but this time it was Soap that we were left to wonder if he survives or not.
    And, the chase sequence wasn’t all that great either.

  2. I thought almost every ending on the list was more confusing than MGS2’s. The whole point was “nothing is actually real and it isn’t about that, it is about what you learned from it”. I think that’s far more powerful than a bunch of floating cannibalistic babies.

    Besides, most people working on games are more artists than they are nerds. It’s like someone who listens to pop radio every day judging actual music. The opinion isn’t just invalid, it’s unnecessary.

  3. Yeah, I’m going to be one of those crazed Kojima fans who’ll say he got it all wrong. It’s still batshit insane but (if my memory serves mecorrectly) he was WAY off.
    It’s been a few years so I may be wrong but:
    Raiden was NOT a clone of Big Boss or technically related to Raiden. Solidus killed Raiden’s parents and made him a child soldier.
    Big Boss is the genetic father of Solidus, Solid and Liquid Snake and not Raiden.
    And another thing, he was the EX president at that point so it’s totally ok!
    🙂 I’m probably wrong since it’s been SO long since I played MGS2 and actually watched its ending and I was quite young when I did, but still…

  4. Yeah Skuba, you’re right. If my friend wasn’t tied up playing Cataclysm, I’d have him come drop some Metal Gear knowledge on us. Raiden isn’t related at all to the Les Enfants Terribles project, he was just a child soldier recruited by Solidus.

    What the heck was with that Ghostbusters ending? “You have prooved the justice of our great culture.” What.

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