Rooster Teeth’s Immersion Episode 2 Shows the Effects of Online Gaming Distractions

Way, way back in the Before-Times (April, to be precise), we posted a video depicting the folks over at Rooster Teeth making a car with a camera rig to simulate the driving in Grant Theft Auto. As it happens, this video was the pilot episode for Immersion, a series where the RT crew explores various video game tropes in real life. The second episode of Immersion just came out, and it features some guest stars doing what online gamers do best: life-destroying trash talk. But when the target is a real solider, what’s the effect? Have a watch and be advised: this is NSFW due to the massive amounts of potty-mouth.

Pretty funny, no? I think this is a really cool idea for an ongoing series, and I’m looking forward to what they’ll have in the future. What do you guys want to see them cover?

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5 thoughts on “Rooster Teeth’s Immersion Episode 2 Shows the Effects of Online Gaming Distractions”

  1. After listening to them talk extensively about the show on their podcast, I’m pump for what this series has to offer.

  2. Pretty sweet. I’d like to know how much time it took him to do each though. I mean, technically if he took longer to take the shots the second time, that kinda negates the test. he should have 20 seconds to shoot 10 rounds each time or something.

    Either way, funny stuff.

  3. @ Julez, the point was to see if it would distract him. If they were smack talking to him over any amount of time it would have had an effect on him. They did mention Mega 64 were talking to him for “10 minutes” though, so it took about 1 min per shot in round 2. In round 1 he seemed to be taking more time (range finding, adjusting height etc) so that initial part of getting into it probably set him back more than the smack talk.
    I’m just damn impressed he can shoot that accurately over that distance. I find it hard enough with a .22 over a shorter distance with a telescopic sight let alone an assault rifle with a holographic sight.

  4. @Skuba

    I understand the test, that’s why I’m saying adding in a constant like time would really show how “distracted” he was. The soldier said himself “I find it a lot harder when the targets are shooting back at you, so this wasn’t too tough of [a challenge?].”

    Still liked it.

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