Rumor: Halo: Combat Evolved Remake in 2011?

halo combat evolved remakeDespite the fact that Microsoft has said that they’re not looking at HD remakes, it’s hard to deny the fact that a Halo: Combat Evolved re-release with updated graphics would move a crazy amount of copies.

According to CVG, who pulled the information from UK magazine Games Master, 343 Industries is hard at work on a revival of Halo: Combat Evolved using the Halo: Reach engine. According to “industry chatter” cited by the magazine, the game would hit on Halo: CE’s tenth anniversary in November of 2011 with a true sequel to Halo 3 following up in 2012.

While this is all speculation, CVG points out that this release schedule would fit with 343’s plan to release a new Halo game every year a la Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed.

Tag this as the most vaguest of rumors for now, faithful readers, because the only actual Microsoft big-wig quoted is UK Xbox manager Stephen McGill who thinks a current-generation Combat Evolved would be a “good idea”.

What do you guys think of this possibility? Will it happen, or is a Halo: CE remake just a pipe dream?

Source – CVG

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6 thoughts on “Rumor: Halo: Combat Evolved Remake in 2011?”

  1. 343 can do whatever the heck they want. Until they get Gearbox to port an HD remake to the PC (like they did with the original Halo CE), I’m not interested.

  2. [quote comment=”14851″]343 can do whatever the heck they want. Until they get Gearbox to port an HD remake to the PC (like they did with the original Halo CE), I’m not interested.[/quote]
    Well that’s not going to happen. I for one would be stoked to play Halo CE in Reach’s engine.

  3. It has to be ONLY a graphics update. Then it would do well I think. Tread lightly though. Dont tarnish the great artifact of Halo CE 😛

    Dunno. Mixed thoughts on this. Could spell disaster

  4. Meh, I’m not about to shell out $60 for an HD Remix.

    Ugggh. I dread to anticipate this incoming little bit of time when developers crank out HD Remixes and rushed sequels just to meet a per-year quota. This is why the Five Year Plans failed in Soviet Russia, guys!

    Hopefully, there will be enough stigma to cripple this ridiculous fad of crankin’ out the crappy sequels. Just make a singe amazing sequel every so often and people will buy that and focus their love and attention of that! It’s worked in the past, and there’s absolutely no reason to think that the cranking-out method is superior. It’s stupid, demands fan tax too much, and is vulnerable to making the franchise lose respect if too many too-soon sequels are poorly-made. It’s just so friggin’ stupid to do this. Fewer yet higher-quality sequels allows developers to not hurt the respectability of the franchise as well as not nom at the players’ pockets. It’s a win-win, but the cranking-out method is a risky lose-win (lose for the gamers who actually pay, risky win for the developers).

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