Dead Rising 2: Case: West Trailer Knows Its Way Around a Zombie or Two

I love me some Dead Rising 2, so I’m looking forward to the game’s upcoming downloadable epilogue Case: West starring the man, the myth, the legend, Frank West of the original Dead Rising. While Dead Rising 2 focused on Chuck Greene’s prodigious skills with duct tape, Case: West will see the return of the photography element that was so important in the first game. The DLC will be co-op enabled, so you and a buddy can pile-drive zombies to your heart’s content. Capcom just released the gameplay trailer for this bad boy, so have a watch:

This Xbox 360 exclusive will hit sometime in December, so keep that wallet ready. Who here is going back into Dead Rising 2 for some zombie slaying action?

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4 thoughts on “Dead Rising 2: Case: West Trailer Knows Its Way Around a Zombie or Two”

  1. I’m excited to see where the story’s going as well as what new things they’re adding to it. I just wish there was local co-op as well.

  2. Just grabbed Dead Rising 2 this week off of Amazon’s Lightning Deals (it was only 30 bucks!), so I’m anxious to finally dig into it.

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