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For a company that hasn’t exactly made the best-shooter-ever-in-history, it seems that Crytek sure has a lot to say about the game industry these days. Earlier this year, they were waxing philosophical about Uncharted 2 and a few others. Now, the CEO, Cervat Yerli, is taking a few shots at consoles in general, essentially saying that the console market is keeping PC gaming from being all that it can be.

Here’s Yerli’s stance on the matter:

As long as the current console generation exists and as long as we keep pushing the PC as well, the more difficult it will be to really get the benefit of both… PC is easily a generation ahead right now. With 360 and PS3, we believe the quality of the games beyond Crysis 2 and other CryEngine developments will be pretty much limited to what their creative expressions is, what the content is. You won’t be able to squeeze more juice from these rocks…

Until the PC market creates comparable revenues, companies are not going to spend enough on the PC SKU of a game.

Honestly, it seems strange to me to blame consoles for being wildly successful compared to PC endeavors. To me, that puts the onus back on PC developers to up the game in a major way. So what do you guys think? Agree/disagree? Is the console generation holding back PC gaming? And if it is, does it even matter until the PC market can show competitive sales?

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7 thoughts on “Crytek: Consoles Hold Back PC Gaming”

  1. I saw this a while back, Im glad you are putting this on here.

    To be honest, I think its kind of crap to say that. From a tech stand point, yes. PC games can be way more high resolution with more stuff requiring the faster and more versatile PC hardware. But holding games back? No. I think that PC games suffer in sales because the epic platforms they run on cost more than a $300 average mans console. PC games CAN be more advanced because they run on PCs, which usually hold more power than a console. If PC sales are low, thats only because the consoles are cheaper and more widely used. I dont find that its holding PC games back. If a developer wants to make a game that needs a PC to run, they will make it. We are all waiting for consoles to take the next step too. But in order to do that, it needs to be significant. If not, we should make modular consoles where you can upgrade graphics cards and processors. But oh wati, thats a PC, so nevermind.

    In short, no its not holding them back. They may feel that way, but its not consoles fault per say. Its the way it is.

  2. no pirating is holding back pc gaming and trust me I do it all the time. Companies dont want to put as much support into pc gaming and programs to make creating custom content easier because the games are highly pirated. This may even be the reason for red dead not being ported to pc. For example, Black Ops on PC has terrible performance issues regarding cpu usage so that it is almost unplayable for many players. Unfortunately Treyark has done almost nothing releasing very little news while constantly fixing glitches for the console versions.

  3. Dear Cervat Yerli, quit your bitchin’ and make your damn high-res PC games. I really don’t see the connection between Consoles’ inferior processor power and the entire games industry being held back, at least not as dramatically as Mr. Yerli says.

    If anything, I kinda want PC’s to not outpace Consoles, and that’s simply because my PC sucks and it takes a certain amount of effort, money, and technical skill to upkeep an effective computer…which I don’t possess. Sorry, I’m not a tech geek, I just like video games. I know it’s a selfish reason, but it’s a legitimate issue for developers to understand when considering the technical prowess of the game industry. I’d prefer the whole industry to be on the same page than be in a mad dash to have the best graphics. I can’t compete with that kind of harried advancement, and I have a feeling it’s too expensive for a lot of other people as well to do that.

  4. This guy seems to think games are all about technical power. They ain’t. If PC designers used their creativity more, they would sell more.

  5. Hm. I think if you make a weak port from console to PC, the PC gamers will notice (because a lot of them are running good machines). However, if you build a killer PC game and make a shitty port to Console, most of that crowd won’t notice / care. I don’t really see the connection he’s trying to make.

    Build great PC games and give them shitty ports already, instead of always the other way around.

  6. Man you guys are completely missing his point. They ARE holding PC games back because more advanced PC games cannot be made since they also have to be made for the old and outdated console architecture. Sure, you can crank down graphics settings for console ports, but you CANNOT make a more advanced game engine because the console wouldn’t be able to handle it. PC sales do not match console sales because 1: they are more complicated to use and 2: PC set-ups cost way more! I don’t know why you guys get into such a knot because of this, it’s a simple fact that consoles are easily a generation behind and because it makes no business sense to make a game just for PC instead of consoles, PC users are stuck playing games that do not match the performance potential of their computers! It has nothing to do with “Creativity” as some idiots mentioned above. He is talking about graphics, in game performance, and game engines. FACT, the whole industry is being held back because of outdated consoles BECAUSE the industry first off makes games for the outdated consoles. Could you imagine using a computer that was 7 years old to play a video game? Because that’s what we are doing with the xbox 360. How is this so complicated for you guys to grasp? It’s not just Cervat who hold this opinion guys, a lot more people who know a lot more than most of you would certainly agree.

  7. @HonestPonest,

    One of those “idiots” is a founder of this site, as is the writer of the article.

    In case you haven’t noticed, we try to have reasonable discussions without flaming, trolling or name-calling.

    Please try to make your point without such hysterics. It only makes you come off looking worse.

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