New Unreal Engine 3 Demo Is Just a Bit Gorgeous

Occasionally, I feel like I get so caught up in how today’s games look that I’m only really impressed by unique art styles, rather than raw graphical horsepower. We’re getting to a point where games just look a little better each year, but nothing truly jaw-dropping seems to hit. Sure, there are games that look great, but rarely do we have one that just floors us. So when they do, we notice.

Take the new Unreal Engine 3 trailer, for instance, which highlights some changes Epic have made to the already gorgeous graphics package. Considering how many games are utilizing the Unreal Engine nowadays (Mass Effect, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bioshock, Gears of War 3), it makes me hungry to see some of this in the near future. The question is: can consoles support something that looks remotely like this? Or will this be PC exclusive until the next batch of consoles drop?

Crazy that this is real time graphics these days. Your thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “New Unreal Engine 3 Demo Is Just a Bit Gorgeous”

  1. Graphics this beautiful brings tears to my eyes.

    But more likely than not, this engine can run on consoles, maybe toned down a little but still. Epic practically abandoned PC gaming and went out for consoles. And if they want to keep on making money, they’re goign to need to sell this engine to multiple other developers across all platforms.

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