GamerSushi Asks: Your Favorite Achievements/Trophies

dead rising zombie genocider

It’s no big secret that both Eddy and I are kind of Achievement hounds (although I never rented TMNT for a quick 1000 Gamerscore. Just saying.). Throughout my long and illustrious hunt for those precious e-peen points, I’ve come across a few that have stuck in my mind as either being particularly rewarding or memorable.

The original Dead Rising has, for me, pound for pound some of the best Achievements of any Xbox 360 game. I know that some of you will argue the point, but Zombie Genocider took me a good four hours to do and gave me the sweet, sweet reward of the Mega Blaster for my troubles. For time invested versus payout, that one ranks pretty high. Other good ones were the Monument to All Your Sins from Halo: Reach and Mile High Club from Call of Duty 4. I mean, that one was a total pain in the ass, but I count myself amongst a small, elite group of total sadists for getting that.

What about you guys? Any Achievements or Trophies out there that you’re proud of? Any that you’re not too thrilled about obtaining? Go! Oh by the way, commenting is an Achievement!

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  1. “For the Motherland”: Complete heart of the Reich on Veteran. I still have grenade related nightmares on that one.
    “Four Heroes” In Heavy Rain have all 4 characters survive at the end.
    “Valor Grand Cross” Be in the top 1% of players in a week in Killzone 2. You heard me.
    “Squad Player” In BFBC2 be the top squad 5 times. My friends and I have technically achieved that trophy 30 or so times. I included it due to my love of playing BFBC2 with my friends as a badass squad.
    “Platinum” I’ve done this many times but Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune was my 1st so it gets a special mention.

  2. Left 4 Dead has some of the best achievements if you do them legit instead of farming:

    “What are you trying to Prove?” Survive all campaigns on Expert. This is kind of a ‘rite of passage’ for hardcore L4Ders, and is a bid deal when you finally get it.

    “Man Versus Tank” Killing a Tank singlehandedly. I did this on Expert during the Blood Harvest finale – though ultimately we found ourselves restarting…

    “Unbreakable”. Survive a campaign without using a firstaid kit on yourself. I did this on Expert too – it was quite a thing! Never healed, never died – made it to the escape vehicle black-and-white and jumped up on pills!

  3. As anyone who has seen my bio (which is a list of all of my 100% games) could see, I love achievements. My favorites are Mile High Club, Shadowrun Fever (achievement for t bagging someone with this achievement), and numerous hard difficulty ones.

  4. Mile High Club is one of my favourites. I spent hours developing a strategy until it finally worked, then I downloaded a mate in perth gamer profile to do it for him. I always remember the “headshots for veterans”.

    Also, finishing Halo 3 on ledgendary. Only because 3 mates and I did it one sitting, all night, 2 of whom had got their xbox that day.

  5. Nothing says “I am better than you because I did this” more than: Little Rocket Man – Send the garden gnome into space.

  6. Man, we’re a bunch of try-hards aren’t we?

    Oh, I totally forgot about “The One Free Bullet” from Half-Life 2: Episode One which necessitates a playthrough of the game using only melee, rocket, grenade and grav gun kills. The one bullet you’re allowed to use is to shoot open a lock.

  7. Oh man, so many good times with achievements. I kinda miss the days of achievement whoring with friends; maybe it’s just because everybody plays Call of Duty and it’s not a team game. Hmmm…I need to get some bros and play some Halo Reach.

    My favorite achievements were the really hard ones, the ones that took hours upon hours and were extremely satisfying. I don’t really do achievements for the points per se, but rather I do it for the challenge. The Cheevo list is basically just a list of extra challenges with some silly rewards.

    I don’t have any particular order; it’s just how I remember them:

    Mile High Club (CoD4): omg, this was hard but damn fun and exhilirating.

    The Price of War (MW2, complete Campaign on Veteran): As much as I rage about MW2, I really enjoyed the Campaign, especially on Veteran. It was the only CoD that I finished completely on Veteran, so I have a feeling it was just easier. And then I remember Loose Ends and the MG on Whiskey Hotel, and I revise my belief. It was just a lot of fun to play through the Campaign and feel like a badass with every victory. Plus, it was back when I was still in love with MW2, so those memories will always remain dear to me.

    Finishing Halo 3 on Legendary with my broskijs was a blast, and sure it was really easy, but it was so much fun to rofl, yell, and boast. Great times.

    What Are You Trying To Prove? (L4D) I did this and all other cheevos legit on L4D because I never wanted to soil my love affair with L4D with cheapness. Aaahh, good times when people still played L4D online. Playing with my bros on Expert was hard as hell but 10x more fun. I wish Valve had given L4D more longevity out of the box. They kinda screwed up big time with L4D. Oh well.

  8. All the milestone 3 achievements for the class updates in TF2, especially the medic one where you had to do absolutely all the achievements to get the milestone 3 and the last weapon, the Ubersaw. It was so satisfying running around with an ubersaw when all the other medics just had a normal one 🙂

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