Poll: Favorite Time of Year for Gaming?

American Thanksgiving is upon us. By this time tomorrow, the smell of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie will be wafting all across the fruited plains. Which is also a good time for some gaming. Tomorrow won’t give me too many chances for my favorite hobby, but the following days hopefully will. But even then, Thanksgiving can’t compare to Christmas break. When I was a kid, getting new games and playing the crap out of them before school started back was a tradition, one I sincerely miss.

I imagine these days, with great games coming out all year round, that summer vacation is also a good time for some gaming action, as long as the family doesn’t drag you on too many cross-country vacations. Back in my day, summer vacation was decent, but only if you had some games leftover from Christmas, as the new release pickings were slim.

Which leads us to our poll question. Hit it!

What is your favorite time of year for gaming?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Favorite Time of Year for Gaming?”

  1. Man, you guys are lucky. The Canadian Thanksgiving (we give thanks for not being American) was last month, so the next paid vacation I get is Christmas.

    But yes, Winter gaming is the best. There’s all the fall titles I haven’t kept up on, the ones I asked for for Christmas, and plenty of snow-days. When my town gets 10cm, the city shuts down. We have one snow plow, haha.

  2. Ah Thanksgiving. Another American holiday we don’t celebrate.
    Summertime is my favourite as I’m free all day, every day for 8 weeks. My friends and I played so much BFBC2 over the summer.

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