The GamerSushi Show, Ep 11: Reducto

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsThe GamerSushi Show is back, and this time in a newer, more awesome format. You see, while we enjoyed all the podcasts of old, they were starting to become large and scary monsters. At 2 hours plus, it gets harder and harder to find the time to not only record, but also edit and get them ready for release. On top of that, we felt that every 2 weeks was not as fun for you guys. Ideally, weekly content is better.

So as a result, we decided to shorten the podcast down to 1 hour, and attempt to release it for you guys each and every week. This is much more manageable, and I think the product will be much better for it. It forces us to move from topic to topic, and doesn’t allow us to get too bogged down in one particular discussion.

In honor of this new format, and the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in theaters, I’ve titled this week’s edition “Reducto”. In it, you’ll find discussion about Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Fable III, a new game from Nick where we grade industry events (such as Diablo III heading to consoles) and a bit more. What stinks is there won’t actually be a follow-up next week because of the holidays, but you can expect one the week after.

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This week’s topics:

Winter gaming
Our past predictions on Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5

What Are You Playing?
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Fable III and Streamlining

Nick’s Game: Grades
The Death of Instruction Booklets
Diablo III to Consoles
Day One DLC
2010: One of the Best Years of Gaming?

Once again, there’s much to it than meets the eyes, kind of like Transformers only with a hotter version of Megan Fox (Anthony).

The big question: What grades would you assign to the issues we talked about? Most specifically, how would you grade this year of games so far? Go!

Thanks for listening!

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5 thoughts on “The GamerSushi Show, Ep 11: Reducto”

  1. I like the new format, shorter more frequent podcasts are more then welcome. Enjoyed the Grades game, this year is a solid A for me, borderline S. I think well be comparing future years to 2010 when it comes to game releases.

    If your finding it hard to have fun in Halo, go to and download some maps. Last weekend we played the battle of helms deep, dodgeball, predator, and all other types of gametypes. Ill take playing a full custom games match on some cool maps over competitive team slayer any day.

  2. Great Podcast.

    I agree that the year has been great: If you’re a console person. I’ve been waiting for Heavy Rain for almost 5 years (since Indigo Prophecy) only to have no PC release…

    I’ve been waiting for Alan Wake for even longer probably, since they’ve were showing tech demos. And what do I get? Another no-PC release. I call fucking bullshit.

    Thank God for New Vegas, but seriously. The games I’ve been waiting for so long for were just a tease.

  3. Same great taste, less filling. Like the new format, though I’ll miss the podcasts that used to get me through a whole day of work (with numerous interruptions, of course). If it means more frequent casts, I’m all for it.

    As for the topical stuff, I’d give the year in gaming a solid B. B+ even. If it weren’t for some disappointing schedule slips and titles that seemingly choked on their potential, it could easily have been in A to S territory. C for the death of manuals – I like the idea of not printing up mass quantities of print material that most folks are never going to glance at, but I’d like to see limited print runs available for those who want them. Diablo on consoles gets an A from me, and early DLC barely scrapes in at a D.

  4. Awesome pod cast guys, long time listener first time commenter. Props on the new format it definitely seems a lot better and the conversation definitely seems quicker but yeah flowing a little better.

    It’s kinda sad (or maybe the opposite?) but I haven’t played much games this year even the big hits like Black ops or Halo Reach.

    BUT, I can relate to what Nick was talking about in the beginning, I am definitely gonna chill this winter holiday and just go all out with video games. I’m a college student and have been studying my ass off and I am definitely looking forward to some awesome games over the winter.

    Anyway my take on grades,

    Death of Instruction Booklets: B – I also never read the instruction booklets (nor do any of my friends),
    definitely seems like an environmental help too. In-game tutorials definitely seem a lot more
    interesting especially with game developers coming up with cooler ways to integrate them into their
    games. However, it’s not a huge deal for me.
    Diablo III to consoles: C – I HATED valve games on consoles but I loved them on the PC, also worth noting
    I’m pretty even in terms of PC gaming and console gaming. Huge PC gaming background though. And
    although Valve and Blizzard are 2 very different developers, the fears are still there.
    Day One DLC: D – Hard time thinking this through, I haven’t been much of a fan for DLC but I feel that it’s
    good to play the game and feel satisfied before adding to the story. I had a good experience with DLC
    with Oblivion which was a HUGE game and I felt completely satisfied with the game after playing it for
    about a month and the DLC came out I believe maybe 8 months after the game was released and when
    the DLC was released I was able to play the entire game again and thought the DLC was pretty good.
    Best Year of Gaming?: ? – I’ll get back to you on that, like I previously stated, I haven’t had much time for
    much games :(. Just the occasional Black Ops multiplayer session at a friend’s dorm or something. But
    it definitely seems like a sweet year for games with Mass Effect 2, Halo: Reach, Red Dead, Fallout, Fable
    3, Call of Duty Black Ops, Heavy Rain, Star Craft 2, etc. etc. etc. Just thinking about those titles I want to
    give it an S.

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