Be Warned: Gran Turismo 5 Takes 50 Minutes to Install

GT5 50 min install

Gran Turismo 5 is finally coming next week, and I’m seriously considering picking it up. On the podcast we recorded this past week (which will hopefully be up this weekend) I mention that my PS3 hasn’t seen use since Heavy Rain. I didn’t get around to playing Heavy Rain until April, but even so, that’s still a large amount of time.

Imagine my surprise when I get around to checking the Internet this morning and see that GT5 will take a whopping 50 minutes to install on my poor launch-day PS3. Not only that, but the game will take up 10 GB in your hard drive; 6.4 GB at first, and the remainder unpacks as you play.

In a bit of damage control, Sony came out and said that the big original install will not be mandatory, and that the game will handle it on the back end, should you choose that method. Basically, you can either load it all up front or have the game do some maintenance as you play.

This isn’t a Today’s WTF per se, rather more of a warning so you don’t freak out come Wednesday when you get the disc in your hot little hands. Now that you know about this, how are you feeling about GT5? Still excited?

Source – CVG and Eurogamer

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6 thoughts on “Be Warned: Gran Turismo 5 Takes 50 Minutes to Install”

  1. Yep! Totally. I’ll load it up, let it install and then go eat while I get ready to get my ass kicked online.

    But, these installs are kind of a pain. I have a large HDD so I don’t mind, but it may be harder on some.

  2. @ kjseath, thanks for the link. I tried before with a WD Passport, but it had a different (to be honest I have no idea what it’s called, on the tutorial I followed it had a detachable section where the USB lead connected to the HDD, but the one on mine was fully integrated with the HDD) so it wouldn’t go into my PS3.
    Added to that, my PS3 Yellow-lighted twice in the past month so I may get a slim anyway. I appreciate the link though 🙂

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