Poll: What Would it Take For You to Play an MMO?

With The Old Republic on the horizon and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm just around the bend, it seems that the MMO train will keep rolling forward for years to come. Since WoW has established its dominance in that arena, there are many, many contenders trying to vie for your attention. At first, they tried to “out-WoW WoW” but that backfired.

Now publishers are realizing that you have to strike Warcraft where it’s weak, not by going toe-to-toe with it in its own domain. A lot of gimmicks have been thrown around to try and tap into this vast, lucrative market, although this site does seem to be a bastion against MMOs. I know that we do have a couple players here, and I’m a recovering WoW player myself, but what about the rest of you? What would it take for you to tuck into an MMO?

To save you the trouble of typing a bothersome reply, I’ve created a handy dandy poll which you can click on to answer. If I’ve neglected something, though, feel free to comment. Vote away!

What Would it Take to Get You to Play an MMO?

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7 thoughts on “Poll: What Would it Take For You to Play an MMO?”

  1. For me, it would really take most of the options put together to get me to do an MMO. I would want something that’s not a strict, boring, click-click-click-click RPG game, with something more to offer than fighting, but still with some really fun combat where it’s appropriate. Being able to do something creative ingame would really help… but really I’m not sure that I would want to play regardless of if it’s pay-as-you-play or if it had features that cost money or what-not… when I spend money on a game, I spend it on something that I’ll be able to fully explore with no strings attached and for a large amount of time. If I don’t pay once and then have the full deal, I’m not going to be interested. That’s probably a huge part of why I’ll never get into MMORPGs.

  2. I voted for genre’s other than RPG too, although I know that a good MMO would probably be the end of me, especially over winter when my work season ends… Either way, It would take a lot to get me to play.

  3. Good PVE and Story. Oh, and WoW has that so I’m good :). But I’m definitely getting TOR for it’s story stuff as well.

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