EVE Incursion Character Creator Is Most Impressive

EVE, the ridiculous space MMO with high-flying pirate antics and corporate espionage, is getting a new expansion pack known as Incursion in Janaury 2011. One of the new things that’s going to be included in this big update happens to be the Incarna Character Creator, for designing your characters. And it is filled with much hotness.

Honestly, I’m not sure why this even matters, since the game takes place inside of spaceships, but it’s still damn cool.

The idea of character creation is an interesting one. I feel like we should have some better tools at our disposal for more robust character creation systems at this point, but maybe that’s pie-in-the-sky thinking. I feel like most character creators end up producing people that all look the same for the most part.

What do you guys think? Got a favorite character creator? Is this one impressive at all?

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2 thoughts on “EVE Incursion Character Creator Is Most Impressive”

  1. As an EVE Online player, I’m really excited to see CCP finally get around to updating the portrait creation system. I mean, I’m blown away by this. Especially since they put the time and effort into something that doesn’t impact gameplay in the slightest.

    I guess it’s time to renew my subscription soon!

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