The Not So Fun Moments of Co-Op Gaming

Leeroy JenkinsCo-op. You’ve all heard us gush on numerous occasions about how we love it and want to get it pregnant. It’s one of the best things that this generation returned to us on a massive level, and has become a staple of most gaming releases.

But it’s not always fun and games. We’ve all had that co-op buddy that just doesn’t pull his weight, or is constantly griping about the game’s controls, or is always screwing you over so he can get the best loot. While my brother and I loved our time in Guardian of Light, there were definitely a few arguments had over whose fault it was when everything went to hell. Name calling might have happened. It’s a tough memory. I got to thinking about this because The Kartel posted its list of the 5 Worst Co-Op Gaming Moments, and it gave me a good chuckle. I think Leeroy Jenkins easily should top that list, as it’s one of the greatest gaming griefs of all time.

Anyway, as much as you all love co-op as well, what are some of your least favorite or hilarious co-op memories? Got any buddies that make it hard to play through a game with, or any games where it was particularly easy to grief your partner?

Source – The Kartel

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3 thoughts on “The Not So Fun Moments of Co-Op Gaming”

  1. My best friend and I were having a great time running through the first Lego Star Wars, slicing and dicing our way through the blocky bad guys. None could stand before the might of our lego lightsabers. Each level was a competition of skill and precision, fighting to see who could collect the most studs. Until… he realized that I was going to win one particular level and in his frustration swung his lightsaber at me, and cut me down. We learned the hard way what friendly fire was all about.

    In that one moment a great game was ruined as every level then dissolved into endless griefing and backstabs… Ok not really, we still had a great time making life as difficult as possible for each other – but it makes a good story 🙂

  2. Ha! Yeah, gotta love those moments when everything just degenerates and the game completely breaks. It happened with my brother and I in Crackdown once we realized the rockets could latch onto one another.

  3. I think my favorite Co-Op moments which fell into shambles was playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii with three other friends. Everything was going well, until we realized we could throw each other, then it evolved into a spontaneous game of Super Smash Bros. 😛

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