I Miss Cheat Codes

Konami Code

The Konami Code. The Blood Code. Debug mode in Sonic 2. Great relics of my youth, tall bastions of gaming greatness. These are a few of my favorite things.

Or at least they were, back when cheat codes were still the cool thing to do. Growing up, finding ridiculous cheats was like taking the shackles off of a game, making it some feral beast that could do what it willed. Why, you could see Lara Croft’s pixel jubblies. Or spawn a tank in GTA III. Or become completely unstoppable and play Doom on Nightmare with God Mode turned on (my personal favorite).

Anyway, seeing the news that Goldeneye 007 has a big head mode stirred up whatever center of my brain produces nostalgia. Seriously, whatever happened to cheat codes? Are they still a part of games and I’m just missing them, or what?

What are some of your favorite cheat codes in video games?

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3 thoughts on “I Miss Cheat Codes”

  1. I kind of find it funny how they still release the Cheat Code books though, it’s pretty odd.
    And, I think my most favorite time ever cheating was probably in Black Hawk Down (PS2.) Though it’s not traditional cheats, I love popping in my CodeBreaker, throwing on infinite ammo, and having rocket-wars with five other people. Goood times.

  2. Like I said in my reply to the Strategy Guide article, I shall always miss the days of yore. In fact, strategy guides often unveiled the cheat codes, unless of course you actually had to discover them (and my discover, I mean ask your friends). Cheat codes are always fun, and they need to be in more games as fun easter eggs.

    I promise to you, Gamersushi guys and anyone reading, that if possible, I will add as many cheat codes and easter egg fun times into the games I work on. Whether it’s a flying mode in an adventure game, big-head mode in a fighter game, or an non-ranked infinite ammo playlist in a multiplayer shooter, cheat codes are always so much fun when they’re ridiculous. Plus, it’s a whole lot better to work for your cheat codes by looking for collectibles, like Intel or whatever. That’s another way to keep things interesting. Every layer of hilarious fun makes the game worth its $60 all that more, and cheat codes have a knack for this probably because they tend to be some pretty funny stuff or open up new experiences in the game. MOAR GAEMZ NEED EASTER EGGS & CHEAT CODES!!!

  3. What I always wanted to know was how people figured out cheat codes before the internet.. Seriously, some of those button combinations were incredible to say the least. Sure, your friend always knew them, but how he’d find out? etc, etc. It’s gotta stop somewhere… I smell a conspiracy!

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